Friday, February 28, 2014

USA Up All Night

In the 80s and 90s Gilbert Gottfried and Rhonda Shear hosted USA's Up All Night.  Friday Rhonda hosted and it was a very sexy comedic take on presentation.  Saturdays was Gilbert and a more vulgar line that was hilariously funny.  This was a Friday and Saturday event in my house. For a virgin teenage girl, this was the ultimate soft core porn.  The movies were AWESOME in their quality or lack there of.  They carried titles like Vampire on Bikini Beach, Attack of the Killer Bee Women, Lust in the Dust and more and more I can not even go into.  I love these movies....even the good ones.  The only thing linking these movies together was their tell-tale low budget.  Rhonda and Gilbert took these unrelated terrible movies and kept the flow going through the two or three movies and made it even more fun. My Mom and I would spend weekend nights watching and laughing and laughing.  After awhile my Mom roped in my Aunt Wendy and it became a family affair every time she came to visit.

Nowadays there is not a set program like the organized Up All Night.  I am in California and occasionally KOFYTV has the bad movie but they like their 80's dance party a little more.  SyFy has all of the movies they deem worthy.  They include: Mongolian Death Worm starring Sean Patrick Flannery, Sharknado starring Tara Reid and Ian Ziering and the never forgettable Mega Python vs Gatoroid starring the 80's teen sensations Tiffany vs Debbie Gibson.  LOLOLOL I love these movies, I do.  There is something added and yet something missing.  I miss the random cleavage and bad boob interjection but I like how they are all some sort of disaster flick.  There are the others that have independent successes:  Birdemic and the classic Troll2.  Both of these have quite a cult following.  You can also check out The Room which is pretty terrible in its own right.  There is an occasional box office draw like Piranha 3-D with Jerry OConnell.  This one had the deliciously vulgar and gratutious boobies and floating penises...LOLOLOL. 

The biggest problem I have is the lack of regular format.  I liked Up All Night and I miss it.  Maybe I am reminiscing my youth, maybe I am missing my naivete.  There are folks who focus on B movies and have podcasts but I do not really follow them very often.  Here is one I found through DragonCon:  SaturdayBMovieReel.  It is not bad, I like it but it is not the same as Rhonda and Gilbert.  I am sure there are more out there and maybe I need to do more research but for now I have to YouTube my Up All Night episodes.  If you have any suggestions on a current format, let me know.

Thank you to the creators of all B movies whether you intended them to be "B" or not.  I for one love them and will continue to watch.  Thank you to Rhonda and Gilbert, thank you for the memories.

Fadoms Come in Many Forms

I am a fan of so many things.  Tonight we will talk tv.

Project Runway: Under the Gunn.

He is my hero.  Truly, he is an amazing man.  I wish one day I can be as kind and empathetic as he is.  Have you seen him on the Biggest Loser or Project Runway?  He also is the author of two books.  I totally recommend checking them and him out.  On the episode tonight was the Steampunk Challenge.  I love the aesthetic of Steampunk and wow this was an avant garde challenge and I think it overall went well.  Marc even watched to see if the contestants could figure out what 'Steampunk' meant.  He and I agreed on all of the looks and the ones we liked all got the top so he was happy.  I thought it was funny to watch Tim try to describe to the designers what Steampunk was.  I am not a designer but I know enough about fashion that if someone were to tell me Victorian futurism I would be able to figure it out.  There were a few of the designers who did not even grasp the idea of "Victorian".  I thought fashion designers would know a little about fashion history.  In the end the right person went home and I think maybe the judges do not really get Steampunk because Natalia does get it and she should have won.
 What you can not see from the pictures is that she made the dress a convertible by the screws on the sides...the hem of the dress goes up and down.  WAY COOL!  Maybe there were some construction issues that we could not see.  Shan did an amazing job and won the challenge.  Good for him, I liked his look and thought it was very futuristic.

I love Survivor, I like watching the challenges and then getting pissed off at who won.  I like Jeff Probst.  I think he does an AMAZING job and he can root out the dirt second to none.  There have only been a few seasons that I have quit watching because the casting sucked so bad.  I am concerned that this might be one of them.  UGG Brains vs Beauty vs Brawn.  OMG I usually pull for the brainy types but how does the casting team pick the most unlikable brainiacs and put them on one tribe? They did this on Big Brother a few seasons ago too.   It did not go well there and I fear it will not go well here either.   I am sure they are all positively brilliant and charming in the real world but on camera, all I have is loathing.  These people are supposed to be smart?  There is book smart and then there is worldly smart.  These people might be book smart but in the game of Survivor they have the IQ of the average inbred 3 year old.  What are they thinking...they got rid of the only hope of winning a challenge with a strong man that can help with the physical part of the challenges.  Tonight they were in the lead after the physical part of the challenge until J' Tia could not do a puzzle.  The got rid of Garrett-a douche no doubt-in favor of J' Tia a woman who has been the sole component to your two losses and poured your rice in the fire.  I hope these 'smart' people keep losing so I do not have to watch them any longer.  I am rooting for the nerdy 'beauty' gay guy.

King of the Nerds is on TBS Thursdays 10/9central.  If you have no idea what King of the Nerds it is a show where nerds get together for a reality competition for Nerds by Nerds.  It is to see who can win and sit on the throne of Nerds and be the King of Nerds.  There is the usual competition and drama of a reality show.  The show is hosted by Booger and Lewis of the Tri-Lam fame.  Currently the show is in the second season and there are 5 people left with 3 people on one team and two on the other.  I LOVE George Takei.  "Oh, My"  If you have not checked him out on Facebook, I recommend it. He takes totally AWESOME to a whole new level.  Rock on George! He was on tonight's episode.  Yay for the twosome!  There is one person, Kayla, who keeps wearing her DragonCon attire and it makes me laugh.  Then there is this other character who shall remain nameless.  I think he is the literal sense, crazy.  I am not sure what mental affliction it is but there are more than a few screws loose in his head.  I do feel bad for him and at the same time I wish he was kicked off so I would not have to watch him any longer.  I feel for the guy and hope his life off camera is much different and much more....normal.

Kitchen Nightmares re-runs.
I can not sleep and on BBC America was a Kitchen Nightmare marathon.  I turned the channel in the middle of the one with Amy's Baking Company in Scottsdale, AZ.  I have seen it before, but LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL talk about crazy, you need to watch these people.  Check it out on Yelp, Reddit, Facebook, Tumblr and watch the episode on YouTube.  Honestly it is some of the funniest stuff I have ever seen.  I have to admit I am a Ramsay fan.  I like the persona the guy shows on tv.  He grouches, yells and calls people names.  I do not know if this is what he is like in his daily life, but his tv life is great.  I hated my experience I had at Ramsay's Steak in Vegas but I like the guy.  Back to the show, the restaurant he went to help, wowie.... these people are some of the most dynamic people I have ever seen on reality tv.  The owners are in denial and are flat out cray-cray.  Check it out for the hilarity factor.

This is all for tonight.  There are more shows to go over but for tonight, I think I have put you through enough.  

Thursday, February 27, 2014

House of Cards Against Humanity Turnover

Marc has been sick and I have been busy avoiding the sickness....EWWWW   The fun thing about the last 2 days is that Marc signed up to receive a FREE deck of the House of Cards expansion pack for Cards Against Humanity.  He got them for FREE and did not even have to pay for shipping.  He then looked them up on e-bay and turned around and sold them for $55.00.  I think this is so HILARIOUS.   Hopefully Marc can find some of our crap around the house and sell some of it for that kind of profit.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Girl Board Gamers where are you? I know you are out there somewhere....I can not find you.....

Since childhood I have been a girl who loves a good game.  Video games, board games and card games alike were frequently found in our house.  All guests were given the option of which to play.  I have been very lucky to have a family who loved and played games as much as I do.  My sister loves strategy games and is a killer at Shanghai, a card game....down and out she goes.  My brother comes up with more adjectives in combination like no one can imagine in Scattergories.  Mom-the leader of the gamer movement in our house-still squeals when playing any of the Zelda games.  Dad comes up with some of the most creative answers in any trivia game.  We have had more fun than I can convey to anyone outside that bubble.
Benjamin...the next generation learning how to play Shanghai.

Fast forward several years.  I get married to a man who did not have the same gaming background as I did.  He loves Xbox and is ok with Nintendo. MMORPGs were very popular with him but board games were not part of his repertoire.   Poor man did not know what he was getting into.  He was quickly brought into the bubble and a card gamer and table top gamer was discovered.  I think he always had the love but it was just dormant.  He soon discovered Wil Wheaton's TableTop and now we have more games in our house than I could have ever imagined.  I am so proud.  We have card games and board games alike.  We are a bit limited though.  Our gamer group gets together weekly but most of the time it is just me and my husband so we like something that can be played with only two players.

Over the last year or so we have met some friends who like gaming as much as I do.  I have taken notice that I am the only girl in any of our gamer groups.  I need more girls.  Where are they?  We have gone to several game stores with game rooms and I will always see dozens of boys but only one or two girls.  The game room at DragonCon is kind of sad.  The gender split seems to be 80% male and 20% female or at times much worse. I have been to other cons and the game rooms there is about the same or maybe a bit better.  Hummph.  Perhaps the gender discrepancy is due to lack of knowledge.  When I was a kid the only gaming I knew outside my house was the chess club and Dungeons and Dragons.  If you played either of those you were the only girl and a social pariah to the world of catty bitches.  I was too much of a chicken growing up to do that.

Maybe that same fear is around in the girls today or maybe they simply do not know the greatness of gaming.  Perhaps it is all of the boys with this myth of girl gamers in their head and they run off all of the girls??? Who knows?? Girls are not wimps and we can kick ass at any game we put our mind to playing.  I just have to find the girls.  I know that I would LOVE to not be the only female around and I love to kick any male butt who think..."she is just a girl".  I want more girls to team up with and tag-team these wimpy guys who can be out done by blinking eyelashes and a quick strike.   With Felicia Day leading the way I hope other girls and now women become less abashed and learn to let their gamer flag fly.  Maybe in coming generations there will be less of a gender split and the girls will rise and demolish these myths about girl gamers all together.

Gamer Girl Myths

Much love to all of the gamer girls out there....gamers of all kinds and specialties...much love and more power to us for blazing the trail for future generations of gamer girls to come.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Con 2013

Check out my LiviRae Lingerie tee-shirt.  "No Bust Too Big or Small, We Fit Them All".   Trust me there are lots of women at the con who can DEFINITELY utilize their help. This is me looking for an empty bathroom at DragonCon. Please see attached.

Poo Humor