Friday, February 28, 2014

USA Up All Night

In the 80s and 90s Gilbert Gottfried and Rhonda Shear hosted USA's Up All Night.  Friday Rhonda hosted and it was a very sexy comedic take on presentation.  Saturdays was Gilbert and a more vulgar line that was hilariously funny.  This was a Friday and Saturday event in my house. For a virgin teenage girl, this was the ultimate soft core porn.  The movies were AWESOME in their quality or lack there of.  They carried titles like Vampire on Bikini Beach, Attack of the Killer Bee Women, Lust in the Dust and more and more I can not even go into.  I love these movies....even the good ones.  The only thing linking these movies together was their tell-tale low budget.  Rhonda and Gilbert took these unrelated terrible movies and kept the flow going through the two or three movies and made it even more fun. My Mom and I would spend weekend nights watching and laughing and laughing.  After awhile my Mom roped in my Aunt Wendy and it became a family affair every time she came to visit.

Nowadays there is not a set program like the organized Up All Night.  I am in California and occasionally KOFYTV has the bad movie but they like their 80's dance party a little more.  SyFy has all of the movies they deem worthy.  They include: Mongolian Death Worm starring Sean Patrick Flannery, Sharknado starring Tara Reid and Ian Ziering and the never forgettable Mega Python vs Gatoroid starring the 80's teen sensations Tiffany vs Debbie Gibson.  LOLOLOL I love these movies, I do.  There is something added and yet something missing.  I miss the random cleavage and bad boob interjection but I like how they are all some sort of disaster flick.  There are the others that have independent successes:  Birdemic and the classic Troll2.  Both of these have quite a cult following.  You can also check out The Room which is pretty terrible in its own right.  There is an occasional box office draw like Piranha 3-D with Jerry OConnell.  This one had the deliciously vulgar and gratutious boobies and floating penises...LOLOLOL. 

The biggest problem I have is the lack of regular format.  I liked Up All Night and I miss it.  Maybe I am reminiscing my youth, maybe I am missing my naivete.  There are folks who focus on B movies and have podcasts but I do not really follow them very often.  Here is one I found through DragonCon:  SaturdayBMovieReel.  It is not bad, I like it but it is not the same as Rhonda and Gilbert.  I am sure there are more out there and maybe I need to do more research but for now I have to YouTube my Up All Night episodes.  If you have any suggestions on a current format, let me know.

Thank you to the creators of all B movies whether you intended them to be "B" or not.  I for one love them and will continue to watch.  Thank you to Rhonda and Gilbert, thank you for the memories.

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