Sunday, March 30, 2014


This movie the first of three based on a series by Veronica Roth.  I liked books fine and I think as an adaptation they did an excellent job.  I like Mr. Kamal Pamook a.k.a. Theo James as Four and Shailene Woodley did an excellent job as Tris. This is a good movie and worth the price of a ticket to see it in the theater.
The story is about a futuristic society and how the government and people in it run. The beginning is with Tris Prior and her mom played by Ashley Judd.  They are living in a group of people or Faction called Abnegation.  The society is divided into five total factions: Abnegation, Amity, Candor, Dauntless and Erudite.  Each faction follows certain values and have very distinctive lifestyles.  This is the story of the people in this world and how their world evolves.  It is a great story very similar to The Hunger Games.

I have heard several reports that the future of Young Adult novels being brought to screen depends on the success of this series.  Whoosh that is a lot of pressure on one series.  I find fault with this mentality.  The movie producers are so in the wrong here.  Their rationale is based on the success-or lack thereof- from recent YA productions.  I have read all of the recent series this is theory is based on and many others.  MOST of them should NEVER have been made into movies.

City of Bones is one example.  It was a meeeh book and the rest of the series was no better....perfect example of something you should not make into movies.  Know your source material.  Look at who is reading these books and if they are really loved by their target audience.  From all I have found out I was not the only one who thought this way about this series.  Why, as a movie producer would you make a movie based on a book series that was moderately well received at best?  Even if the movies are excellently based on the books or the movie is beyond awesome, your target audience is not really all that likely to go see it in the theater where you make the most money.  If they do not go to the theater and like it they will not buy the merchandise.

This is where Twilight was so successful.  They took a series that was beloved for YEARS before they ever took it into production.  The movies were HORRENDOUS and still the studio cashed in.  The actors and production was miserable at best but the characters and story they portrayed were so beloved that the fans sucked it up.  The merchandise took over Hot Topic for years...yuck by the way.  So beloved was this series that it had some horribly written fan-fic make the best sellers in Fifty Shades of Gray. I can not wait to see this adult themed movie come to screen and I hope they let it be a NC-17.  YAYAYAYAYYYY!@!@!@!@!

I think Divergent is a great story and they have taken story and done it justice.  I can't wait to see he second movie in the series, Insurgent.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Survivor durrhs

Survivor update.  I do not do weekly updates only when something I think is newsworthy happens. 

This week we had a quitter.  Lindsey.  I do not abide quitting.  This show has been on for how many years now?  Oh, yeah, 14 YEARS!!!!!!!  If you have not seen the show or do not know what it is about why the hell are you on it?!?!?!?!?  Anywhoo, rant over, Lindsay quit because her main ally, Cliff, was blindsided.  After the vote Trish, a horrible player and a mean spirited person on the show went off on Lindsay and back and forth it went until Jeff was called out and Lindsay left. 
Dumbass Trish

This dumber than dumb tribe was happy that both Cliff and Lindsey left despite the fact that this put them down in numbers and also their biggest physical threat, Cliff was gone.  Cliff was an ex-NBA player and NO ONE would have given him the money.  Seems to me that he would be a great ally. As for Trish, this is especially stupid because this puts her at the bottom as one of the weakest on the tribe....DURRRRH!

Oh well, the short man, Tony has short man complex and is intimidated by tall men.  Therefore could not wait to see Cliff go.  I think he is too big for his britches and between Tony and Trish I do not know who is the more despicable character on the show.  I call them characters vs people because of the editing and this is realty TV.  Who knows what they are like at home. 
Short-Man Tony

At the immunity challenge, short man Tony and his tribe won.  They called out final five, final five.  This is HILARIOUS because supposedly Tony's #1 ally, Sarah is on the other tribe.  Makes me and her wonder where she fits in his plan.  I hope she gets her head out of her ass and realizes he is nothing but a loudmouth wimp.  We will see next week.

At tribal the brains did something brainy and when the choice came down to keeping Alexis, Morgan, Jeremiah from the beauties and Sarah from the brawn, the actually thought it out.  The brains were split.  Last week Alexis kept telling them how bad Morgan was and this week how bad Jeremiah was.  Neither Morgan nor Jeremiah were saying anything bad about Alexis.  The brains +Sarah saw the holes in this tribe of 3 and voted Alexis off.  They kept their one of 2 this time still a smart move. 

Congrats brains for being brainy.  From the trailer for next week, looks like we will see you back at tribal again.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Ken Burns The Civil War

In high school our history class watched Ken Burns Civil War.  When looking for something to watch on Netflix I found this in my recommended queue.  I guess this is an answer to the question: You know you are old when?  My answer is I watch Ken Burns Civil War for entertainment.  LOLOL

As I watch each episode, I do not remember a lot of this.  I remember some.  I do NOT remember the Union army being so inept and Genreal Mcclellan being such a cowardly do nothing.  Ok, so far I am in 1863 and Lee just lost Gettysburg, so far this is the only major loss the Confederacy has taken.  How in the world did the Union win?  I know, I know they had the industry more money and soldiers.  I get that, but those resources were being squandered so horribly.  With much worse/less resources the South and Lee made this war last for years longer than it should have.   The Union has so many glaringly inept leaders it is a shock the soldiers got fed.  OH, WAIT, that was the women making sure the men were being fed, bathed, diseases being kept in check, bandages wrapped, and packages being delivered.  LOL same kinds of things happen today. 

I am honestly shocked that the South did not crush the North in 1862 and the history of this nation changed forever.  Was it luck that the North could hold out until Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation after Antietam?  Was it fate?  Who knows?  I do know that once the proclamation was given, it was only a matter of time before the former slaves and free Negroes would be given the opportunity they so desired.   They would be given the right to fight their captors and achiever their true freedom.  Not just for themselves, but for the rest of their brethren, and they did just that. 

This series, like most everything Ken Burns does is awesome.  This is a mastery of so many skills.  The conveyance of knowledge is great.   The actors that shared their voices to this documentary have gone on to do so many projects and it is so fun to see what they have done since then.  I do not know if it is my fascination with the Civil War or the just how good this was, but I think it will not be another 20 years before I watch it again.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Cosmos: A Space Time Odyssey

This is a great show.  I wonder if they will show this show in schools?  Neil deGrasse Tyson is a great speaker and makes me hover on every word.  deGrasse Tyson travels through time and space in his wonderful ship.  He ventures throughout our universe and then gets so small that he can travel through a DNA strand.   There are great special effects and animation that take you from world to world.  I loved the first two episodes and am happy with the episode tonight.  The first two episodes were about evolution of he universe and humanity.   With the theory of evolution there was some backlash from creationists.  In Oklahoma they even preempted the first episode in one place. HAHAHAHAHAH  I don't get that at all. 
Tonight the episode was about astronomy, Isaac Newton and Edmond Halley.  Another wonderful hour in the can.  This is by FAR the best show on Fox.  I am surprised that Fox allows this to be on their conservative network.   This show is both entertaining and educational.  If you are looking at some educational tv this is AWESOME.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

My Dad vs Murray

Another week and another Goldbergs post...Repetition I know but this laughter is so important to me. If I can share this show with you all then maybe ABC will realize how awesome this show is and keep it going. 

The episode tonight was about Murray Goldberg, his chair and the war with his wife Beverly.  Murray does not like change and loves his chair.  My dad is the exact same.  He loves his chair in all of its many incarnations and hates change.  The music montage was the Glory of Love from Peter Cetera and Karate Kid 2.   Wow I thought it was just my dad and his chair, apparently he is not the only one.  I loved this montage that went on with the chair and several other areas in this episode.    LOLOL I can not get past how much this family reminds me of my own.  My dad resisting the removal of tightie whities from his wardrobe, the change to the microwave, and the tv that is the glue that keeps the family together...LOLOLOL
My Dad in his chair.

Murray in his chair.

No matter how awesome the writing is, (thank you, Adam) this show would not be this funny if the actors did not have this most excellent comedic timing.  Jeff Garlin and especially Wendi McLendon-Covey are beyond amazing.   Loving this as much as I do I can not wait to see some of the other projects they have been a a part of.  Congratulations to the so far successes and I hope they continue!
Beverly's bangs got fried off.


I have meant to watch this show forever but my plate is really full of reality tv.  Face/Off is on SyFy on Tuesdays 9/8C.  Currently airing is season 6.  I was changing channels and saw that I knew(ish) someone that was on the current season.  Matt Silva from Penny Dreadful Productions in Atlanta is on this season and that is why I made an effort to watch.  He is also in the documentary Four Days at Dragon*Con.  Check both out...well worth the effort.

While watching and rooting for Matt I found that this show is way more awesome than I thought it was going to be.  WOW this show is crazy cool.  The imagination that goes into one challenge in such a short period of time is fascinating.  I can not believe how fast the artists come up with these creatures let alone make them.  There is talent in the manufacturing of these costumes and makeup.  That being said, I think the most awesome part is the unfathomable imagination in coming up with these characters.  The models/actors do an amazing job bringing them to life.  For all of us sci-fi nerds out there this is a wonderful show and it is educational at that.  Good luck to all of the contestants!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Mondo's Response

Here is the response from Mondo Guerra for the last episode of Under the Gun.  I am happy he responded and glad to here there was more context that got left on the editing room floor.  I will never understand the people out there who cry bully by bullying themselves.  I hope that my opinions did not do that.  Thanks Mondo, I will keep an open mind through he next couple of episodes.

Letter from Mondo

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Bullying Anyone?

Tonight on Project Runway: Under the Gunn I was appalled by the behavior of the designers and of two of the mentors, Mondo Guerra and Anya Ayoung-Chee.  The beginning of the episode was Natalia feeling beaten down by the attitude the other designers are giving her.  They have made it very clear that she does not belong there.  I know reality tv is edited to give you the results and make ratings, but wow.  So many of the designers were awful to her face and behind her back both....bullying anyone?

Once we get to the runway with the guest judge Macklemore, the results go as follows:

Anya's Team
Blake- Bottom 2
Shan- 3rd

Mondo's Team
Michelle- Eliminated
Asha- 5th
Sam- Safe

Nick's Team
Oscar- Winner
Natalia- Runner-Up

During the judging Anya and Mondo told Nick that Natalia does not belong here and she should have gone week one.  Nick stands by Natalia and defends her stating how much she has grown and the judges see something in her and therefore she stays there.

After elimination Anya and Mondo act like petulant children and ask the Judges why they would keep Natalia over Michelle (who made a convertable potato sack).  The judges told them they like Natalias' innovation and creativity (she made a cowl neck convert into a purse).

I have been a big fan of Project Runway since season 1.  I have been a fan of Mondo and a fan of Anyas.  After today, I am so put off by both of them I can not even stand it.  The behavior they have shown makes me sick.  They are supposed to be mentors.  To me, that means that they are to be looked up to by the other designers.  All of them, no matter of the team.  I would think they would show a positive attitude to all of the designers no matter whose team they are on.  Alas, they are bullies picking on Natalia for whatever reason.

I hope Natalia and Oscar go out being the top two designers.  I am embarrassed to say I was once a Mondo and Anya fan.  I wonder how Tim sees this.

ADDENDUM:  Please see a response from Mondo on the next blog.

I Love Adam Corolla

How to catch a contractor is a new show on Spike (Sundays 10pm pst) and I love it.  Think of the show To Catch a Predator where they catch online pedophiles.  This show takes Pedator and mashes it up with a Mike Holmes contracting show.  The family hires Adam Corolla and his friend and contractor Skip Bedell to come and help them fix their house that was previously demolished by a shady contractor.  LOLOL Adam Corolla is so darn funny as he knocks the previous contractors work. 

As the show progresses Private Investigator Alison Bedell finds the shady contractor that is on the lam.  They make an offer to the contractor to come back and fix the crappy job or they will take the contractor to court.  So far both contractors have come back to fix their shoddy workmanship with the help of Adam and Skip.  Adam makes wonderfully horrible and inappropriate jokes and this is so much fun to watch.  I have loved him since his time on Loveline with Dr Drew.  If you have time, check this show out.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Survivor Recap of sorts

Holy bananas.  I can not believe ANYONE would consider throwing a challenge in Survivor.  That has got to be one of the stupidest strategies in the history of ever.  This was the current plan for the Brawn tribe....Showing they have physicality and no brain.   In some ways I kind of hoped the brawn tribe would have lost just to have their blatant stupidity come back and bite them in the ass later.

Alas, J'Tia is is the worst Survivor competitor ever.  She caused the Brain tribe to lose the reward challenge and also the immunity challenge.  The Brain tribe kept in the running to win the reward, chickens but with J'Tia, the brawn tribe caught up and the Brains came in last.  Shocking, I know.  Then came the immunity challenge which the brawn tribe was trying to throw.  Spencer kept the brains in the running but it was up to J'Tia and Kass to rebound the shots by spencer and J'ia was soo good at returning the ball that she pushed it out of bounds and she can not swim.  HAHAHAHAHA So even with the Brawn tribe trying to throw it, the Brains came in last, again. 

After the challenge came the debate on who to keep and who to get rid of.  The decision to get rid of J'Tia or Spencer was a tad bit well, stupid.  Really, why was there any reason for debate?  Sure, loyalty is great but if you can not get past another immunity challenge after keeping J'Tia, what good is her loyalty going to be?  I am so glad that they kept Spencer.  With the merge, I hope he can go the distance.  As for the other 'brains' I want to see the criteria for picking them too, thanks Kass.

Probst, you again make me too are so dumbstruck by the idiots on this tribe and the blunt way you face tribal is awesome.  Keep it up Mr Smarty.  

Crazy J'Tia after she dumps some rice in the fire.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

To the Goldberg Family,

I know I did an article last week on the Goldbergs but......I am a fan and this is a blog about what I am a fan of.  Thank you to the family of Adam Goldberg for being so awesome and a thank you for the actors and actresses who are bringing them to the screen.  We love the memories and I for one see a bit of my family reflected here.  

Monday, March 10, 2014

Little People

When I was a kid I loved to play with Fisher Price Little People.  In the neighborhood where I grew up I think there was an understanding with the parents and each set of parents bought certain toys for their kids.  That way there were not a lot of duplicates and then everyone would go to another house to play with that set of toys.  My house was the game house.  We had board games and video games.  My friend, Julie was the barbie house.  Between her and her sister they had tons of Barbie clothes and Puff N' Play.  My friend, Susannah was the Cabbage Patch and Little People house.  I LOVE Little People.  We made camping gear and food and wigs for the Little People.  To me, Little People were WAYYY better than Barbie.  Barbie  is a wimp.

As an adult, I collect vintage Little People.  The original Little People were wood and then went on to plastic.  In more recent decades, they have increased the size to reduce choking hazard.  You you would be surprised how crazy expensive some of the vintage stuff goes for.  I actually found a vintage 1969 Brown House at a flea market and bought it for $40.  We bought an A frame at a different flea market in the original box with imitation people for $30 and sold the fake little people.   Every time I see them I have to get them.  My sister-in-law works with children and gives us all of the Vintage Little People that come across her path.  Personally, the characters I want the most are the Sesame Street characters.  Of course those are the most expensive characters around.  Online all of the vintage pieces are going for CRAZY prices and I can not justify that.  I can justify small expenses here and there but there are some things that are totally overpriced and out of common sense.
As Seen on Ebay

See, this is crazy.  Unless this is the last piece you are missing from your set, why would you pay $50.00?  If it was so rare it would have been individually wrapped and this is not in the original package.  Sheesh.  I guess I am not a 'collector' so I do not understand.  I am a player who wants to play with my Little People.  Weird, I know a 30something who plays with Little People.  HA, who cares.

I am off to play with my Little People now.
Some pieces of my collections: Circus, Castle and Mailman

The Castle Gang.  I never saw a princess, princess are you out there?

Saturday, March 8, 2014


When thinking of Goonies I moved forward and thought of GooniesII the Nintendo game and therefore Nintendo in general.  This game was for the NES back in the day.  That got me thinking of the ORIGINAL Nintendo and their games.  I am NOT talking SNES, N64, Game Cube, or Wii.  The Original Nintendo, the one that after time did not play games and we all pounded the cartridges in and out then took them out blew in them and then repeated the process until the game played.  I loved the Nintendo.  I loved everything about it.  There were few games I did not like.  I had the Goonies video game and I have to tell you that game was a complete train wreck.  There was no opportunity to save your progress.  There were so many places to go and things to do.  The trouble was,  in order to beat the game you had to do everything in an exact order.  Imagine spending a whole Saturday inside in the middle of the school year.  YUCK.

You see, my mom loved Nintendo and did not appreciate us leaving a game on pause so we would not lose progress.  It was a sad state to say the least.  She thought it was her house so she would play whenever she wanted no matter if there was a paused game or not.  Mom would play whatever game we put in front of her but our favorite is the original Legend of Zeda.  I love that game.  She loves that game.  We have both played it until our fingers ached.  I still play it from time to time.  I can make it through the first quest without dying.  The second quest takes 3 lives but none the less I love it.  Mom bought a map so that she could mark down everything she found.  It was rather cute, really.  To this day we play games together as a family and she squeals when she dies.  When she can not pass a level she calls me or my brother to help her.

After awhile the second Zelda The Adventures of Link came out and this game was quite a challenge.  I finally gave up after a time.  I love the game but the final level and the approach to it was quite daunting.  I think of the hours I spent playing and relief for the rainy days the Nintendo brought.  Joy, simple joy in a girls heart.  The memories of playing Nintendo in the basement still make me smile.

Friday, March 7, 2014

The Goldbergs

I grew up in the 1980's.  I am not ashamed of this.  I own up to the lace gloves big bangs and all the other craziness that came with it.  This show is the funniest show I have seen in years.  On multiple episodes I have had to hit pause as I laughed until I cried.  This weeks episode was no different.

This week was the Goonies episode.  I love the Goonies.  I saw it probably 10 times in the theater.  I have seen it many more times at home than I can possibly count.  I know the dialogue by heart....embarrassing, really.  They re-enacted scenes from the original movie and they did it in such a way that was true to the original and yet nothing short of comedic genius.  I have not laughed so hard since before the Olympics.

I suppose it is because the Goldbergs remind me a bit of my family from back then.  WOW the nostalgia is so perfect and endearing.  I can not not watch this show.  Please...for the love of God, if you were around in the 80's please check out this show and make sure your friends do too.  It is well worth the 30 minutes and I promise it is a good laugh!

I hope ABC keeps this show going for a long while.  Congratulations to Adam Goldberg and to his amazing family.

Buck Rogers

Last year at DragonCon I attended a panel and it totally threw me for a loop.  I went to the Match Game in the 25th century.  This panel was a part of the American Sci-Fi Classics track and has been reoccurring for years.  The game was hosted by Buck Rogers a.k.a. Gil Gerard.  I had heard of Buck Rogers but I have never seen the show before.  The panel was awesome and hilarious.  I came out of it NEEDING to see Buck Rogers.

I have since watched it and I have to tell you this show ROCKS.  Looking back to 1979 and watching the technology that was available for tv then and what garbage is on tv now, I choose then.  WOW.  Gil was very much like his character, Buck.  He was cheeky and saucy. I do not know which I liked better, the show or Gil himself.    Twiki the mascot and robot is adorable and sarcastic.  Erin Gray plays Captain Wilma Deering.  She is bright sexy and a character that was wayyyy ahead of what was socially acceptable in 1979.  The performances by all of the actors and the technology is amazing.  Check out this show and see how tv today compares to back then.

The Match Game is put on by Gil and his really his friends.  Gil goes to cons all the time and recruits his fellow celebrities to be on the game.  Last year the cast included: Sylvester Mccoy better known as Rhadagast from the Hobbit movies and the Seventh Doctor on Doctor Who, Herbert Jefferson, Jr who is best known for his role as Captain Boomer on the 1980's Battlestar Galactica,  Garrett Wang best known for playing Ensign Harry Kim from Star Trek: Voyager and also the director of the TrekTrack at DragonCon.  The panel was lewd and crazy.  A blast to say the least and The Doctor repeatedly asking to have the question repeated.  The hilarity was more than one would expect.

As for DragonCon and the Classics track, you should check it out.  Joe and Gary, the directors, are awesome and the track is usually pretty filled.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


One of my favorite childhood stories, Paddington Bear comes to the big screen.  I am so excited.   Paddington was the Harry Potter of my childhood.  Nothing but love for this little bear and the people who are bringing him to life.  I have loved the imagination of Michael Bond all of my life and this is so amazing.  Please support my favorite bear and I hope Paddington is as captivating on screen as he is in my imagination.

Dance Moms

For the first season of this show I thought the moms were being a bit bitchy.  I thought Abby had the best intentions for the girls.  Four seasons later, I think she is out for herself.  I feel bad for the girls.  The moms, well they are catty bitches but when it comes to dealing with Abby, I do not know how un-catty bitches can do it much better.  On tonights episode, Holly had a book signing for her first book. Abby came to the signing, distracted the entire room and then told the group that the "pamphlet" should be found on a shelf at they gynecologists office.    Holly's Book  How rude and un-classy is that?  I do not know how much of that is scripted for the episode, but it was uncalled for.  Out of all of the moms that have come and gone on the show, Holly has been the most respectful of Abby and this is how she is treated in return.  Shameful.

Abby is currently in a legal battle with Kelly, a former mom who slapped her and has been banned from the show.  Abby continually berates Kelly and her daughters even though they are gone...Again, uncalled for.  Also she told the moms they are not to talk to Kelly.  They have been friends for years, why does Abby have any say in who they are friends with?  Why does she do this?  I know dealing with the moms must be hell but there are better ways to deal with it. Instead of meeting the mom confrontations with a pit bull, maybe she should meet them with a smile. 

All girls are not alike.  Maddie wants to be home schooled and live life as a dancer.  When she can no longer dance, I  hope she learned how to read and will be able to do a bank account otherwise she will be where Abby was before Dance Moms, bankrupt and $400,000 in debt.  Chloe wants to go to school and have a more rounded life.  Neither is right or wrong, just different.  Neither girl should be punished or rewarded for these choices.  Alas, we know Abby will never accept that being well rounded outside of the studio is not a bad decision.  My personal opinion is that Maddie is overrated and Chloe is mistreated.  Both Kendall and Chloe alike seem like they respond better to positive feedback as opposed to the Abby style of nag nag nag, grouch grouch grouch.

This is the last year of the contract for the moms and I wonder if the girls and moms will stay on.  For the sake of the girls, I hope they can find another studio.  Abby seems to take them to a lot of In10sity competitions.  Does she has friends there and that is why the girls go to so many of their competitions?  Is that why Maddie always wins?  Are they the same judges season after season?  Perhaps with a different studio the girls can go to other competitions and with a teacher that has a better rapport with the girls they can be equally successful.  I hope there are better opportunities out there for the girls if they want them.

No matter what happens on the show I wish nothing but the best for the girls and for their moms.  Good luck and best of successes.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Oscar Night

FOR SHAME!!!!!! First I need to tell the folks at The One Ring.Net I am sorry.  This is the first Oscar party I have not attended since Fellowship.  I am in the middle of a move and I did not think there was going to be a party so I did not plan for it.  MY BAD.  I hope you all had a good time at The Cat and Fiddle.  I can hardly believe it has been 10 years since the ROTK sweep.  I will have to do a later blog on the greatness of The One Ring. net.
I have been to LA many times for the Oscars and it is CRAZY how much of a transformation The Hollywood and Highland area goes through for this one event.  Back in the day it was not this bad but now they have trailers parked blocks away for the coverage of the "Red Carpet Looks".  I do not like LA all that much but I LOVE Oscar weekend in LA and have a good time.  This year, I am at home and as usual am not that excited about many of the nominees.  I miss being with my people and watching with folks who are rooting along with me.  To Larry and all the gang, thank you for the years together and I will see you this time next year for sure.

OKOKOK to this years Oscars.  I am writing this as the show is on so it will be completely irrelevant once the show is over.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.  I am not really all that fond of this years best picture nominees.  Out of all that I could stomach I liked Gravity the best so I will root for this long shot.  I love Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence but I was not a fan of American Hustle so that is a bit of a conundrum.  I want Pharell Williams and "Happy" to win for best song because it is just....happy.  I have to say so far the best part of the night is Ellen DeGeneres.  I am not personally a big 'fan' but she is keeping the show funny, modern and relevant.  WAY TO GO ELLEN!!!! Thank you for being one of the best Oscar hosts....I like you and I like Billy Crystal.  BRING ELLEN BACK NEXT YEAR.
As I am watching I am also following Twitter which I only do once or twice a year.  Kevin Smith is a STUD if you are not following him you need to do so.  I am so excited to see all of the Benedict Cumberbatch photobombs.
Smaug taking out U2

  I love the music for the memoriam.  It is the music from Somewhere in Time, I was married to some of that music.  So sad how many we have many greats in their own right, some gone too soon and some who are immortal.  Who does not LOVE Bette Midler?  She is so wonderful.

Ok so it is now over and I am meeehhhh on everything.  I love Matthew McConaughey but was he all that in this?  I could not make it through the movie so I am not so sure.  Who was better?  Dunno...I do think Leonardo DiCaprio is the most underrated actor of our generation though and I wonder if he will ever be recognized.  All in all I loved the selfies and the tweets more than the winners.  Normally I am all in for something and this year was so debbie downer that I was indifferent.  Yay to Cate Blanchett aka Galadriel.....too bad I do not like anything Woody Allen does.

Thats all for Oscar night...we are going to watch of our favorite Amy Adams Movies.  Congrats to all of the winners and to all of the nominees...time to party.