Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Dance Moms

For the first season of this show I thought the moms were being a bit bitchy.  I thought Abby had the best intentions for the girls.  Four seasons later, I think she is out for herself.  I feel bad for the girls.  The moms, well they are catty bitches but when it comes to dealing with Abby, I do not know how un-catty bitches can do it much better.  On tonights episode, Holly had a book signing for her first book. Abby came to the signing, distracted the entire room and then told the group that the "pamphlet" should be found on a shelf at they gynecologists office.    Holly's Book  How rude and un-classy is that?  I do not know how much of that is scripted for the episode, but it was uncalled for.  Out of all of the moms that have come and gone on the show, Holly has been the most respectful of Abby and this is how she is treated in return.  Shameful.

Abby is currently in a legal battle with Kelly, a former mom who slapped her and has been banned from the show.  Abby continually berates Kelly and her daughters even though they are gone...Again, uncalled for.  Also she told the moms they are not to talk to Kelly.  They have been friends for years, why does Abby have any say in who they are friends with?  Why does she do this?  I know dealing with the moms must be hell but there are better ways to deal with it. Instead of meeting the mom confrontations with a pit bull, maybe she should meet them with a smile. 

All girls are not alike.  Maddie wants to be home schooled and live life as a dancer.  When she can no longer dance, I  hope she learned how to read and will be able to do a bank account otherwise she will be where Abby was before Dance Moms, bankrupt and $400,000 in debt.  Chloe wants to go to school and have a more rounded life.  Neither is right or wrong, just different.  Neither girl should be punished or rewarded for these choices.  Alas, we know Abby will never accept that being well rounded outside of the studio is not a bad decision.  My personal opinion is that Maddie is overrated and Chloe is mistreated.  Both Kendall and Chloe alike seem like they respond better to positive feedback as opposed to the Abby style of nag nag nag, grouch grouch grouch.

This is the last year of the contract for the moms and I wonder if the girls and moms will stay on.  For the sake of the girls, I hope they can find another studio.  Abby seems to take them to a lot of In10sity competitions.  Does she has friends there and that is why the girls go to so many of their competitions?  Is that why Maddie always wins?  Are they the same judges season after season?  Perhaps with a different studio the girls can go to other competitions and with a teacher that has a better rapport with the girls they can be equally successful.  I hope there are better opportunities out there for the girls if they want them.

No matter what happens on the show I wish nothing but the best for the girls and for their moms.  Good luck and best of successes.

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