Thursday, March 13, 2014

I Love Adam Corolla

How to catch a contractor is a new show on Spike (Sundays 10pm pst) and I love it.  Think of the show To Catch a Predator where they catch online pedophiles.  This show takes Pedator and mashes it up with a Mike Holmes contracting show.  The family hires Adam Corolla and his friend and contractor Skip Bedell to come and help them fix their house that was previously demolished by a shady contractor.  LOLOL Adam Corolla is so darn funny as he knocks the previous contractors work. 

As the show progresses Private Investigator Alison Bedell finds the shady contractor that is on the lam.  They make an offer to the contractor to come back and fix the crappy job or they will take the contractor to court.  So far both contractors have come back to fix their shoddy workmanship with the help of Adam and Skip.  Adam makes wonderfully horrible and inappropriate jokes and this is so much fun to watch.  I have loved him since his time on Loveline with Dr Drew.  If you have time, check this show out.

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