Tuesday, March 18, 2014

My Dad vs Murray

Another week and another Goldbergs post...Repetition I know but this laughter is so important to me. If I can share this show with you all then maybe ABC will realize how awesome this show is and keep it going. 

The episode tonight was about Murray Goldberg, his chair and the war with his wife Beverly.  Murray does not like change and loves his chair.  My dad is the exact same.  He loves his chair in all of its many incarnations and hates change.  The music montage was the Glory of Love from Peter Cetera and Karate Kid 2.   Wow I thought it was just my dad and his chair, apparently he is not the only one.  I loved this montage that went on with the chair and several other areas in this episode.    LOLOL I can not get past how much this family reminds me of my own.  My dad resisting the removal of tightie whities from his wardrobe, the change to the microwave, and the tv that is the glue that keeps the family together...LOLOLOL
My Dad in his chair.

Murray in his chair.

No matter how awesome the writing is, (thank you, Adam) this show would not be this funny if the actors did not have this most excellent comedic timing.  Jeff Garlin and especially Wendi McLendon-Covey are beyond amazing.   Loving this as much as I do I can not wait to see some of the other projects they have been a a part of.  Congratulations to the so far successes and I hope they continue!
Beverly's bangs got fried off.

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