Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Survivor durrhs

Survivor update.  I do not do weekly updates only when something I think is newsworthy happens. 

This week we had a quitter.  Lindsey.  I do not abide quitting.  This show has been on for how many years now?  Oh, yeah, 14 YEARS!!!!!!!  If you have not seen the show or do not know what it is about why the hell are you on it?!?!?!?!?  Anywhoo, rant over, Lindsay quit because her main ally, Cliff, was blindsided.  After the vote Trish, a horrible player and a mean spirited person on the show went off on Lindsay and back and forth it went until Jeff was called out and Lindsay left. 
Dumbass Trish

This dumber than dumb tribe was happy that both Cliff and Lindsey left despite the fact that this put them down in numbers and also their biggest physical threat, Cliff was gone.  Cliff was an ex-NBA player and NO ONE would have given him the money.  Seems to me that he would be a great ally. As for Trish, this is especially stupid because this puts her at the bottom as one of the weakest on the tribe....DURRRRH!

Oh well, the short man, Tony has short man complex and is intimidated by tall men.  Therefore could not wait to see Cliff go.  I think he is too big for his britches and between Tony and Trish I do not know who is the more despicable character on the show.  I call them characters vs people because of the editing and this is realty TV.  Who knows what they are like at home. 
Short-Man Tony

At the immunity challenge, short man Tony and his tribe won.  They called out final five, final five.  This is HILARIOUS because supposedly Tony's #1 ally, Sarah is on the other tribe.  Makes me and her wonder where she fits in his plan.  I hope she gets her head out of her ass and realizes he is nothing but a loudmouth wimp.  We will see next week.

At tribal the brains did something brainy and when the choice came down to keeping Alexis, Morgan, Jeremiah from the beauties and Sarah from the brawn, the actually thought it out.  The brains were split.  Last week Alexis kept telling them how bad Morgan was and this week how bad Jeremiah was.  Neither Morgan nor Jeremiah were saying anything bad about Alexis.  The brains +Sarah saw the holes in this tribe of 3 and voted Alexis off.  They kept their one of 2 this time still a smart move. 

Congrats brains for being brainy.  From the trailer for next week, looks like we will see you back at tribal again.

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