Thursday, June 26, 2014

Big Brother Episode 2 Recap

Hello and happy night two of Big Brother.  After the introductions of the next eight castmates the first four in the house are Caleb, Christine, Hayden and Jocasta.  It is mentioned by the new eight that they notice the others from the first night are already aligned.  Joey takes an instant interest in Christine, Brittany and Derrick seem to bond over having kids and Frankie and Victoria are already BFF's.  This being said there was no showing of instant alliances.  Next is the second HOH.  The comp is called "Over the Coals".  There is a bar that everyone must lay on as it spins them upside down.  They go out in this order:  Victoria, Brittany, Christine, Jocasta, Zach (intentionally dropped), Derrick, Hayden and the winner of the second HOH is Caleb (to no ones surprise).

Caleb spinning on a BBQ spit

Once the cast goes back in the house, Julie explains the twist of the two HOH's and the new competition called "Battle of the Block."  The two HOHs' will each nominate two people for elimination.  These nominees will fight in the Battle of the Block and the winners will be safe-similar to veto-and the HOH that nominated them will now be back in the pool so when the actual veto comp takes place the old HOH will now be eligible to go on the block if either of the two remaining nominees comes down.  UGGGG Who is going to want to be HOH?  I guess it is competition ho's who will never throw a comp.

After the next commercial break Julie tells us about Team America and the new three person alliance that will be chosen by the viewers.  The first person chosen was Joey.  I am shocked.  I thought for sure it was a given that it would be Frankie.  It might still be and they put Joey in first,  just out of order.  I love the pick of Joey and I think she will do great representing the viewers.   This summer is going to get messy.  Great twists this time Big Brother.  Keep watching America and we will have a good summer.

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