Sunday, June 22, 2014

Big Brother Preview

Another season of Big Brother is upon us.  There are several changes to the set-up of the game for this season.  There are going to be two heads of household and then a HOH comp between the two to see who gets to do the final nominations.  Not sure how this is going to play out but we will learn more as the season premiere comes closer.  This season seems to have a lot of plants or people who have never heard of Big Brother.  There are 3 or maybe 4 out of the 15 who have seen more than the most recent two seasons in sequester.  Kind of bums me out.  But, after last season of "super fans" which was disastrous, I can understand why production went this route.  Thus far, I am not relating to this cast but as we have seen in seasons past, things change.  Here are my initial impressions after watching some of the cast introduction interviews.

Does not know BB and does not seem to have the intelligence to hook up with someone who does know what is going on and does not come across as a smart person at all.  I think she will be a floater as there are bigger threats so will not necessarily go too early.

Mom of 3 who was picked up to be a cast member two weeks ago.  She comes across as pretty intelligent with potential to latch onto someone who knows more about the game and learn something from them.  I think she might last awhile as she comes across as a quick learner.

A hunter from Texas.  He sounds a bit like a jerk.  He might be the nicest person on the planet but he does not come across that way on camera.  He seems more interested in a showmance than in winning the game.  I think his bad attitude will get him out pretty early.

A BB fan and a barista from Arizona.  She seems to be a genuinely nice person.  She loves to play Settlers of Catan.  Woo hoo.  Her strategy is to get an alliance on one side of the house then become friends with some folks on the other side and keep that secret.  I pick her to go far and be in the final three.

A twenty something plant.  He comes across as likable and big into working out.  I am not sure how he will fit in.  If there is a cool kids alliance, he will definitely be a part of it.  He will probably last a bit as there are bigger characters but I do not think he will win.

An undercover cop from Rhode Island.  He comes across as a confident gun loving kind of guy,  His plan was initially to keep his cop status a secret and then wants to teach the world to play with integrity.  LOL Integrity and Big Brother...NOT! Remember Kappy?  I think he is doomed and will not last very long at all.

He is a big buff guy.  Generally big guys are big targets.  He stated he quit baseball to be with his daughter.  Not sure I buy that or not.  He seems somewhat aware of BB so not necessarily a plant.  Very happy for a showmance.  Not usually a good road to take but he comes across likable.  I think if he can survive the BB curse of buff guys not going early.  I think he can last awhile but probably not make it to the jury.

Groundskeeper 42 who looks like he came straight from the cast of Duck Dynasty.  States he is a big fan of the show.  He reminds me more of Chicken George, fun loving and worried about being loved by America.  Comes across as a nice good guy.  I think he will make it through to the jury and possibly to the end.

He is a crazy head of the Cool Kids Alliance.  He is a bit loud and can be perceived as obnoxious in close quarters.  He is a YouTube personality and his sister is Ariana Grande so if there is any Americas Vote then he will win it hands down.  That will be similar to last season and Elisa getting the vote from fan favorite sister Rachel's fan club.  I think seems fun and likable.  I hope America keeps out of this season and he can make it to jury.

So Cal biker seems kind of like a hippie wannabe...surfer bro type.  Another plant from production who is does not show a lot of BB knowledge.  He reminds me of David from last season and is ready for a showmance.  I do not think he is going to be considered a big threat but more along the lines of the expendable member of an alliance.  He wants to be like Frank or Hayden from seasons past and I do not think that is necessarily the route to take.  I do not think he is going to last a long time.

A loud minister from Atlanta.  I think if there is a bible alliance she will do ok.  I am worried about her ministering the rest of the cast.  If she keeps away from that, maybe she can make it to jury but otherwise she will go early.

A hairdresser from Seattle.  Says her fav player is Gina Marie.  LOLOL She is another plant and my guess is she has only seen the last half of last season.  UGGG.  She seems nice and is determined to be the first nice girl to win the game.  HAHAHAHA  She appears to be a bit obnoxious but I think there will be a lot of bigger targets so she will last until jury.

Nurse from Michigan, seems quiet I think she is a bit of a floater.  She says she is a big fan and she reminds me of Danielle with Dan and Ian and she likes Ian.  I see her not being a big threat so will last a long time. 

Otherwise known as PAO-PAO a DJ from NY.  I think she is a bit crazy.  She is not looking for a showmance and is a friend of Gina Marie....ugg.  She is charismatic but I do not think she has enough game chops to go far.  Fun to watch but I think she will annoy people too much and will get ousted too early.

Photographer from Brooklyn.  Another recruit.  Gross.  Comes across as stuck up.  Says she will manipulate people with her smile.  EWWW I am not a fan.  I think she will become people enemy number one or at least two.  I think she will not last long.

Unemployed self described con-artist.  He is agressive and funny.  I think he is awesome.  He is all about the money and does not care who hates him.  I think he is hilarious and hope he goes far.  I think he will last until jury at least.  

These are just my opinions.  Let me know what are some of your thoughts and tune in Wednesday for the season premiere.

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