Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Quiet Feminist

Once upon a time there was a girl who believed in equal rights for all.  No distinctions between gender, race, religion, size, sexual orientation or beliefs.  She was a quiet girl, for in her formative years her classmates laughed at her for voicing her opinions as they were extreme.  Over the years the young girl grew up and remained restrained.  As the new decade came, so did changes.  Rape was no longer expected to be hushed up, and women as a whole were once again standing up together.

I confess, the little girl was me.  The outspoken dorky girl in school is no longer afraid to say what she feels is right.  What I want to say is, what the fuck took so damn long?  Rape and "rape culture" has been around forever why did it take so long to get out of the closet?  I know why it is finally out though.  It is because of all of the brave women who have not taken their horrors lying down.  They are fighting and making it public.  For them, WOO HOO you are AMAZING and I am so happy that you are strong enough to not only survive but to tell your story.

This is the one and only case in which I am happy for cell phones with cameras.  Boys, yes boys, no matter of their age who are so self important and stupid take all the photos and videos you want, share them because it only proves your guilt assholes.  I do not like cellphone cameras for much else, but in this area, bring it on jerks!

As for the men that dominate society, in the US, Pakistan, or anywhere else.  Watch out, here we come.  No longer are we standing by quietly, we will fight for our sisters and all of our rights as human beings.  The police and judicial branch of all governments (which are of course are ruled by men) need to get a fucking clue and get off of their asses.  This can NOT be tolerated ANY LONGER.  The more we shout out the stories of the misogynistic society the more the Santa Barbara police have to pay attention and maybe, just maybe, they might stop that asshat before he shoots a dozen people.  The more we publicize the stoning of women in Pakistan, the more her government will have to take action.  After all, they do not want to look cruel and ass backwards to the rest of the world.

I have some questions.  Why are little girls not allowed to play in most little leagues?  Why are softballs made bigger than baseballs?  Why are they yellow?  I do not understand.  Look at the rest of the physical qualifications of softball players.  Are they really all that different from baseball players?

I am sure this will anger some men out there.  For those that take offense, why are you offended?  I am not challenging you in any way.  I am stating that things are changing and equality is a good thing.    No one, and I mean NO ONE is more important or better than another because of the gender they are born with or the gender they choose.

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