Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Wil Wheaton Project

Wil Wheaton has a new show on SyFy called the Wil Wheaton Project.  The show has been on two weeks now and I am concerned.  The show is a bit like Talk Soup but all in the Science Fiction genre.  The first episode I thought Wil seemed a bit nervous and giggled a lot.  The second episode he was a bit more relaxed and came across more at ease. 

I love Wil and I hope this show can continue but it has a few areas in need of improvement, in my opinion.  The really over the top laughs, whether it is a studio audience or a laugh track it needs to go.  Will needs to slow down and truly talk about what he is presenting.  His thoughts and opinions are cherished by the masses.  Just share them. 

Wil also has an internet show called TableTop.  He is relaxed, personable and having fun with friends.  If he can bring this ease to his new project this will be golden.  I mean you can now go into Target and see "as seen on TableTop" tags in the games section.  This is huge! 

If he can calm down and be a bit more personal, I think this will work.  He is loved by his fans.  I am one of them and I will continue to tune in for awhile.  I know he has anxiety issues and I am glad he is able to overcome them for the show.  I hope that this show is a success for Wil's sake.  Please, for the love of Wesley Crusher, give it a try.

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