Saturday, July 26, 2014

Lost Girl

First I have to tell you I have a huge crush on Kenzie.  That being said, let me tell you about the show.  Lost Girl is brought to us by The Canadian Television Fund.  This show is set in Canada where a female succubus (BO) does not really understand her powers.  We start in the human world where Bo is trying to survive.  She sees a human being assaulted and rescues her.
BO (Anna Silk) and KENZIE (Ksenia Solo)
The human in question becomes her BFF (Kenzie).  Not long after this incident she finds out she is Fae. Kenzie and Bo rapidly evolve into the dynamic duo decide to become private investigators.  

The Fae people are a vast population of folks who live among the mere humans.  There are dozens of variants of Fae including but not limited to: Succubus, Siren, Shape Shifter, Druid, Valkyrie and dozens more.  There are two political affiliations in which a Fae decides to follow, the Light or the Dark.  As in most things supernatural, the Light is good and the Dark is bad.  There are varying degrees of both of course but this is a general line to follow. With Bo being new to the Fae world, both sides try to recruit her.  Bo who grew up human does not think this is right and refuses to become aligned with either side.  From that moment on, she is known by both sides as the "Unaligned Succubus". 

This show is bad ass I have to say.  I love it.  Every episode you have a new baddie to fight (Light or Dark Fae or something all together different). With that often comes a new kind of Fae which very few people know of.  There are tons of things to learn about this world and all the time Bo and Kenzie ask "What?!?!?" and the bartender of the Dal Riata, Trick, goes to the back of the bar and looks it up in his library.  The Dal Riata is a neutral bar in which both Light and Dark Fae can go and feel safe.  This is a really cool world that mixes with the human world.  There are even Fae cops who work in the human world to help keep Fae crime unnoticed by the humans and to then find what looks like human crime and realize that it is a Fae who is doing it.

The cast is great.  You have Bo played by Anna Silk, Ksenia Solo as Kenzie, Rick Howland as Trick and many other greats.  Aaron Ashmore of Warehouse 13 fame joins in also.  The cast all seems to have a great rapport and this always keeps you on your toes. 

Since Bo is a succubus there is a fair amount of sex that SyFy has to cut out for us Americans, but if you can get your hands on the Canadian version and do not mind a little sex with your supernatural, I HIGHLY recommend this show.  If you mind sex, watch it on SyFy, it is still awesome.  This is fun and entertaining show and I can not wait for season five.

P.S.  Several members of the cast will be attending DragonCon this year.  Aaron Ashmore, Zoie Palmer, Rick Howland and KENZIE a.k.a Ksenia Solo will all be there WOO HOOO I am so going to see them.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Boring Big Brother

  I am already tired with Big Brother.  I am tired of this Koombyah shit.  The house wants____________ out so the house all votes that way.  What a load of garbage.  Cody you could have thrown a vote to keep Devin and let Caleb's paranoia run rampant.  Instead, lets not cause waves.  Last week they had a great opportunity to get rid of Caleb who is a boring idiot.  All he thinks about is Amber and she is not into him at all.  I get that no one liked Devin and he was kind of a dick, but damn.  Many of this cast wanted to be on Survivor, have none of you idiots watched Survivor????  You take with you to the end someone that the rest of the house loathes and no one will give that person the money.  Bam you won half a million dollars. 

Frankie and Cody won HOH and to the surprise of no one the put up Jocasta, Brittany, Amber and Victoria.  These stupid idiots in the HOH....which of these four is a challenge to beat you in the end....durrrrrhhhh NONE OF THEM WILL WIN THE GAME.  When are you going to pay attention and start nominating people who are a threat to win the game?  If things do not rapidly improve, this will be no better than last season and I am done.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Big Brother Battle of the Block

This week's two Heads of Household are Nicole and Derrick.  Derrick who thinks he is one of the greatest minds in BB and Nicole who wants nothing more than to hide under the radar.  Nicole and Derrick talk about their nominations and know for sure Nicole will put up Amber and Derrick will put up Jocasta.  They think these two will cause the least amount of waves.  The last two are the ones in question.  In the midst of these deliberations Big Brother shows that the night before the last eviction Devin goes to Donny, Jocasta and Brittany and spills the beans on the Bomb Squad.  After Nicole wins her HoH Christine tells her about the Bomb Squad also.

Derrick approaches Caleb and tells him about Nicole and her nominating Amber and asks what Caleb is going to do.  Like Derrick and Nicole thought Caleb offered to go up so he could throw the Battle of the Block competition and Amber can be safe.  There is Derricks' second nominee and now to Nicoles'.  The morning of nominations Nicole calls Donny aside and Nicole tells him in confidence of the plan with Caleb to throw the competition.kind of asks his opinion.  He throws out Christine......DURRRRH Donny, do you not see how close Nicole is with Christine?!?!?!?  When the conversation is over, Nicole is still unsure of her second nominee.  Donny goes downstairs and tells Jocasta and Brittany.  Donny is so worried about the Bomb Squad that he is all about getting anyone in that group of eight out.  Later that day, Amber tells Nicole that she heard Donny telling Jocasta and Brittany of the plan for Caleb to throw the comp.  UGGG Now Nicole knows about Donny and feels betrayed.

Derrick and Nicole open eggs and Nicole won the first pick of nominations.  Nicole nominates Donny and Amber.  Derrick chose Caleb and Jocasta  and in his nomination speech told everyone Caleb volunteered to save Amber.

Big Brother shows us what TeamAmerica is up to.  The first task has been assigned.  The team is to start a rumor that one of the house guests are related to a house guest of a previous season.  They have to make the entire house spread this rumor around for it to count.  They have chosen Zach to be related to Amanda from last season.  They are both from the same area in south Florida.  They will use Paola as a scapegoat.  They will say that Paola whispered this information about Zach to Donny on her way out. 

Now to the nomination ceremony.  Nicole goes first and the only ones the seem shocked are Jocasta and Donny.  Nicole and Donny talk it out and he asks her if she said not to tell anyone and she thought it was implied but since she did not call it out he told.  Lots of tears from both but it seems hashed out now.

The Battle of the block is hosted by Brittany.  The competitors are wizards.  Each duo is attached together at the waist.  One player runs to a barrel of puzzle pieces this causes the other pair to be lifted in the air against a wall.  They run back to their partner and hand over the pieces.  As they run back to their partner the slack in the rope brings the partner back to ground.  The player against the wall is then lifted in the  air as the second partner runs back for another piece.  The runners were Caleb and Donny and the liftees were Jocasta and Amber.  Even thought Caleb said he was throwing it, the two ladies were terrible and could not do a puzzle to save their life.  In the end Donny and Amber were victorious.    We shall see how this plays out with veto now.  On a personal note I think this is a great opportunity to get rid of a strong and well liked player but we shall see what the house guests think later in the week.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

BB Eviction and HOH Night

The night began with the continuation of last night's episode and the veto. They showed Paola and Zach calling out Devin.  Zach who was a member of the "Bomb Squad" was put up by an alliance member.  Paola had made a deal with Devin that if she threw the HOH then he would use the veto on her.  He lied and used the veto on Brittany instead.  I totally agree with the two of them going off.  Zach exposed the "Bomb Squad" and Paola told everyone that Nicole and Hayden knew about the deal.  They did know but they had nothing to do with it.  Lots of screaming and anarchy.  Right after that it was assumed everyone would vote out Zach.  The girls FINALLY talked to each other and while they want to keep Paola, they know Devin is Zachs' target and Zack has a better chance at winning HOH than does Paola.  They take their chance that Zach has dropped out of the "Bomb Squad" and will help to get Devin and Cody out.
Then in no real surprise, a 10-2 vote, Paola was evicted.  Donny and Jacosta were the two votes for Paola.  Again, not surprising.  In the goodbye messages, Zach and Devin were a bit ugly and Donny's message was sweet and made Paola tear up. 

To the HOH Competition.  "Underwater Polo" is what this comp is called.  Last night the house guests were given a practice field where they could practice for one hour.  Even Devin, the current HOH that can not compete, practiced.  Odd.  The comp was a ramp sloping down away from the house guests.  The house guests had to hit a ball with a croquet mallet to the end.  There were several obstacles on the ramp and at the end there were several point slots.  The two competitors that hit the ball into the highest point slot became the new Heads of Household.  Nicole got the highest score of 29 and Derrick the second highest at 28.  Congrats to the 2 new Heads of Household.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Pop Culture Roadtrip

Here is an assignment for the League of Extraordinary Bloggers.  Pop Culture Roadtrip.  Where would I go if money were no object.  I would of course love to go to New Zealand and travel through all of the Shire and all of the other locations in Lord of the Rings.  That being said, I think I would be crushed to see how much of it is not the same as in the movies because of cinematic movie touches.  I would rather go somewhere  I would not be devastated if my imagination is better than reality. 

Truly, here is what I would do:  if money were no object, I would take a tour of the wars.  I would start at home in the U.S.A. I would go through the major battlefields of the revolution and the civil wars, the war of 1812 (too many movies and tv shows to mention) and then move on to Europe.  I would travel throughout Europe and all of the major points of battle during the Great War including the where the major trenches were on the French-German lines.  (Downton Abbey)

I would then take a tour and follow what the Easy Company 506 Airborne did.  (Band of Brothers)  I would start in Georgia, go to NYC then England.  From England go to Normandy, Belgium, Holland, Germany and Austria.  Once the BoB tour is over I would go to north Africa, Italy and Russia to see were other major battles took place.  I want to see where so much of our history occurred and imagine back to a time before cell phones and T.V.  I want to remember the heroes that fought and died to save the world from so much tyranny and oppression.

If we remember the past, then we are not likely to make the same mistakes.  Thank you to all of our freedom fighters, no matter the country, no matter the race or religion.  Thank you to their families, past, present and future.  God Bless and Happy Independence Day!

 This was another assignment for the League.  Please check out other places to go here:
National Cemetery at Normandy, France

The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Thursday, July 3, 2014

BB First Eviction

Tonight is a night of recap for what has happened in the house over the last two weeks.  We see the Junior High drama of Caleb showing interest in Amber.  Joey showing an alternate personality in Alex and misc other drama.  In the end it was a unanimous decision to evict the first member of Team America, Joey.  In the goodbye interviews Caleb gets way cocky and tells Joey of the Bomb Squad.  The Bomb Squad is the eight member alliance that includes Amber, Caleb, Christine, Cody, Derrick, Devin, Frankie and Zach.  She was not surprised by the alliance at all but it was still an overly cocky move.

Next is the HOH comp.  The comp is divided into two.  Girls and Boys.  Each have to walk across a balance beam, grab a keg and take it back to the original post.  First to get six kegs to the start and hit the button wins.  If a keg is dropped or someone falls off of the beam, they are out of the competition.  From the balcony above, the boys are throwing frisbees at the girls.  Brittany, Christine and Amber are out to the early lead and then Brittany falls off.  Meanwhile through the entire competition, Paola only gets one keg to the other side.  Amber is the first to get all kegs to the other side with Christine not far behind. 

Next is the boys.  The first to fall off is Derrick.  Hayden, Devin and Cody all are in a race.  Cody hits the button first.  As we go to commercial Julie tells us there is a potential foul and then they show Donny opening the letter for the second invite to be a part of Team America.  When we come back from commercial Julie announces that Cody hits the button first but his foot touches the ground just before he hits the button therefore, Devin is the winner.
(commentary from watching the live feeds.  Devin is a bully and I am not a fan).
We leave the house and they are all stunned and not a bit happy that Devin is one of the two new HOH's.  Good luck to both and we will be back on Sunday.