Thursday, July 3, 2014

BB First Eviction

Tonight is a night of recap for what has happened in the house over the last two weeks.  We see the Junior High drama of Caleb showing interest in Amber.  Joey showing an alternate personality in Alex and misc other drama.  In the end it was a unanimous decision to evict the first member of Team America, Joey.  In the goodbye interviews Caleb gets way cocky and tells Joey of the Bomb Squad.  The Bomb Squad is the eight member alliance that includes Amber, Caleb, Christine, Cody, Derrick, Devin, Frankie and Zach.  She was not surprised by the alliance at all but it was still an overly cocky move.

Next is the HOH comp.  The comp is divided into two.  Girls and Boys.  Each have to walk across a balance beam, grab a keg and take it back to the original post.  First to get six kegs to the start and hit the button wins.  If a keg is dropped or someone falls off of the beam, they are out of the competition.  From the balcony above, the boys are throwing frisbees at the girls.  Brittany, Christine and Amber are out to the early lead and then Brittany falls off.  Meanwhile through the entire competition, Paola only gets one keg to the other side.  Amber is the first to get all kegs to the other side with Christine not far behind. 

Next is the boys.  The first to fall off is Derrick.  Hayden, Devin and Cody all are in a race.  Cody hits the button first.  As we go to commercial Julie tells us there is a potential foul and then they show Donny opening the letter for the second invite to be a part of Team America.  When we come back from commercial Julie announces that Cody hits the button first but his foot touches the ground just before he hits the button therefore, Devin is the winner.
(commentary from watching the live feeds.  Devin is a bully and I am not a fan).
We leave the house and they are all stunned and not a bit happy that Devin is one of the two new HOH's.  Good luck to both and we will be back on Sunday.

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