Friday, July 18, 2014

Boring Big Brother

  I am already tired with Big Brother.  I am tired of this Koombyah shit.  The house wants____________ out so the house all votes that way.  What a load of garbage.  Cody you could have thrown a vote to keep Devin and let Caleb's paranoia run rampant.  Instead, lets not cause waves.  Last week they had a great opportunity to get rid of Caleb who is a boring idiot.  All he thinks about is Amber and she is not into him at all.  I get that no one liked Devin and he was kind of a dick, but damn.  Many of this cast wanted to be on Survivor, have none of you idiots watched Survivor????  You take with you to the end someone that the rest of the house loathes and no one will give that person the money.  Bam you won half a million dollars. 

Frankie and Cody won HOH and to the surprise of no one the put up Jocasta, Brittany, Amber and Victoria.  These stupid idiots in the HOH....which of these four is a challenge to beat you in the end....durrrrrhhhh NONE OF THEM WILL WIN THE GAME.  When are you going to pay attention and start nominating people who are a threat to win the game?  If things do not rapidly improve, this will be no better than last season and I am done.

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