Saturday, July 26, 2014

Lost Girl

First I have to tell you I have a huge crush on Kenzie.  That being said, let me tell you about the show.  Lost Girl is brought to us by The Canadian Television Fund.  This show is set in Canada where a female succubus (BO) does not really understand her powers.  We start in the human world where Bo is trying to survive.  She sees a human being assaulted and rescues her.
BO (Anna Silk) and KENZIE (Ksenia Solo)
The human in question becomes her BFF (Kenzie).  Not long after this incident she finds out she is Fae. Kenzie and Bo rapidly evolve into the dynamic duo decide to become private investigators.  

The Fae people are a vast population of folks who live among the mere humans.  There are dozens of variants of Fae including but not limited to: Succubus, Siren, Shape Shifter, Druid, Valkyrie and dozens more.  There are two political affiliations in which a Fae decides to follow, the Light or the Dark.  As in most things supernatural, the Light is good and the Dark is bad.  There are varying degrees of both of course but this is a general line to follow. With Bo being new to the Fae world, both sides try to recruit her.  Bo who grew up human does not think this is right and refuses to become aligned with either side.  From that moment on, she is known by both sides as the "Unaligned Succubus". 

This show is bad ass I have to say.  I love it.  Every episode you have a new baddie to fight (Light or Dark Fae or something all together different). With that often comes a new kind of Fae which very few people know of.  There are tons of things to learn about this world and all the time Bo and Kenzie ask "What?!?!?" and the bartender of the Dal Riata, Trick, goes to the back of the bar and looks it up in his library.  The Dal Riata is a neutral bar in which both Light and Dark Fae can go and feel safe.  This is a really cool world that mixes with the human world.  There are even Fae cops who work in the human world to help keep Fae crime unnoticed by the humans and to then find what looks like human crime and realize that it is a Fae who is doing it.

The cast is great.  You have Bo played by Anna Silk, Ksenia Solo as Kenzie, Rick Howland as Trick and many other greats.  Aaron Ashmore of Warehouse 13 fame joins in also.  The cast all seems to have a great rapport and this always keeps you on your toes. 

Since Bo is a succubus there is a fair amount of sex that SyFy has to cut out for us Americans, but if you can get your hands on the Canadian version and do not mind a little sex with your supernatural, I HIGHLY recommend this show.  If you mind sex, watch it on SyFy, it is still awesome.  This is fun and entertaining show and I can not wait for season five.

P.S.  Several members of the cast will be attending DragonCon this year.  Aaron Ashmore, Zoie Palmer, Rick Howland and KENZIE a.k.a Ksenia Solo will all be there WOO HOOO I am so going to see them.

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