Monday, September 29, 2014

Monday Night Recap

The episode begins with a fight between some homeless kids, Lili Taylor and Frank Whaley.  In the fray a homeless man gets shot.  Cat woman is there and a bystander.  She watches over as Gordon looks over the corpse of the homeless guy.  She is quite the lurker.  Turns out there is a market for kids under 16. There is a massive kidnapping of homeless kids has been going on for awhile to the police.  Gordon and his partner fight over if these kids are important enough to worry about.  Enter Edward Nygma at the police station again...just to be annoying.  Shocking. These disappearances take us to Fish Mooney a mob boss(ish) played by Jada Pinkett Smith.  I have to say she is phenomenal and one of the highlights of the show.

Penguin is back and we watch him hitchhiking.  He kills one of the kids who officers him a ride.  The other he tries to ransom but is thus far unsuccessful.  Carol Kane plays Penguins mom and it is interesting to say the least.  Carol Kane plays every Carol Kane character she has ever played. 

Bruce Wayne is having trouble adapting to life after his parents death and has started burning and cutting himself.  Alfred asks Gordon to help and Jim goes to Wayne Manor and has a chat with Bruce...did it do any good?  Who knows but we shall see. 

As the episode progresses we follow the progression of the case of the missing homeless kids.  Periodically Lili Taylor pops up and I have to say she did an amazing job.  Cat a.k.a. Selina Kyle keeps getting almost caught in the kidnapping net.  At the end of the episode she talks to Gordon and tells him he knows who killed the Waynes...cut scene.

So here is the lowdown.  This episode is much better than the last. I really liked it and I am now excited for next week.

I love this show.  I am not going into a recap as the hokey techy stuff makes me laugh.  But still, I love this show.  This show has angst, heart and action.  You can not beat that combination.  I love love love it.  The greatness of Scorpion and...ok Gotham... gives me something to look forward to during the Monday blahs.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

YAYAY Goldbergs

Tonight was the season 2 premiere of the Goldbergs on ABC.  WOO HOOOOO!  I love this show and I am so excited it got a second season.  Honestly this is the first comedy in years that I have thought it truly funny and not just a mockery of something.  Last season there were multiple episodes that made me laugh so hard I had to push pause.  I laughed until I cried and once I was able to breathe correctly again I would resume watching.  I have high expectations for this season.  If you have not seen the Goonies episode from last season then that is 20 minutes of must-see TV.

Now for the new season. It begins with the making of a mixed tape.  OMG who did not make or receive mixed tapes in the 80's or early 90's?  Adam made a tape for his girlfriend Dana and like an amateur he leaves it out for his mom to find.  What do you know, Beverly thinks it is for her.  LOLOL his mom thinks her teenage son made her a mixed tape.  In an attempt to not hurt her feelings Adam does not tell her that it is for Dana.  He makes a copy and now they both have one.  Needless to say they both find out that the other has the tape and which one was the tape originally made for. 

Then there is the debacle of Barry getting a fake ID and flashing it all over school.  Moron.  He of course makes a deal to buy beer and then gets the ID confiscated.  MORON.  He makes a feeble attempt to buy the beer with his dads ID at the same store his dad goes to everyday for coffee.  MORON.  When the beer fails he goes and gets hero sandwiches and in the end dad a.k.a. Murray saves him from making an even bigger ass of himself.  Yay, Murray.
Gradndpa a.k.a. Pops finally explains to Bev that the tape was not for her and for Dana.  She takes this to mean she has to intervene with the troubled Adam-Dana relationship.  She is the greatest meddler there ever was. 

All in all, this was a top notch episode, not like anything else is possible.  I love the stories this show presents.  I love the characters and more than that, I love the cast.  While everyone is super fantastic, I think Wendi McLendon-Covey is beyond amazing.  You can have a crazy mom, but without a stupendous actress, she would not be lovable and charming.
Congrats to the entire cast and crew for another season and another stellar episode. 
See you next week!

Survivor Blood vs Water

It is time for another season of Survivor.  This is another season of Blood vs Water.  Loved ones are on opposing tribes and will have to work together and yet work against each other.  This battle came right at the start of the episode where Jeremy volunteered to be the first to do a challenge and he the person he had to go against was his wife, Val.  Val is a police office in Boston and her husband is a firefighter in Cambridge.  This firefigher/police rivalry is already rampant in their relationship and he is trying to be a protector-provider but she is determined to be independent.  He wins the challenge and she is sent to exile island.    Jeremy also has to choose one of his own tribe to go with her.  He chooses the oldest man, Keith to join Val thinking he will take care of her.  LOL  She gets a clue to the idol back at camp.  Good for her.

Back at camp Jeremy decides to take the Russel Hantz approach with gathering a bunch of women to him.  Not necessarily a good or bad thing but it has become typical for the egotist to do this.  On the other tribe you have John Rocker a former pitcher for the Atlanta Braves.  He is trying to keep his history a secret but he is instantly recognized by the father/son duo of Keith and Wes.  With Keith on exile, Wes instantly calls him out.  He does this in private and I can not disagree with John when he thinks it might be best for him to get rid of Wes sooner than later.
Immunity time and the blue tribe of Jeremy wins the immunity.  Woo hoo for them. Keith is instantly on the outs since he was on exile for the first three days.  He is trying to fit in and Jeremy takes him aside and tells Keith that he owes him for taking care of Val.  What a jackass.  Val can obviously take care of herself.....DOI she is a cop.  Moron.  It seems like Keith is also a little apprehensive of Jeremy.  Good for him.

On the losing orange tribe, the fucking dumb girls start a all girl alliance and instantly count Josh in their alliance.  DURR, just because he is gay does not mean he is feminine or will be part of your click.  Dumb asses.  Lordy I hate the female pack mentality.  Thank goodness he calls them out in the diary cam and does not like it either.  Usually I am all about women winning, but they have already decided they are the young cute group and anyone that is older than them is too old.  YUCK!  I am NOT rooting for any of those females.  The other tribe hells to the yeah.  It is possible that Val, being three days behind is not really part of this, but more trying to fit in and then she is ok. 

Tribal council comes and Nadiya, one of the twin sisters who were on the Amazing Race twice comes out of the gate and calls Josh a girl and how they-the girls(and Josh) have to go with the strong competitors.  She has made it obvious that she wants to get rid of Dale, the oldest tribe member who started fire for them with his glasses.  Probably due to editing she talks for half of tribal.  Sheesh.  Anyone who talks that much at tribal is a moron.  The vote comes back split, and in the end Nadiya is voted out.
Fun Fun Fun I love Survivor.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Gotham and Scorpion

Tonight is the first big night of fall season Premieres.  There was Gotham, Scorpion, Forever and season 2 of Sleepy Hollow.   This is the recap of Gotham and Scorpion.  ***SPOILER ALERT***   If you have not seen either, beware.

Gotham started with a teenage girl with large steampunk style goggles on her head stealing milk and pickpocketing.  Moments later she gives the milk to a cat, guess who she is...that is right Selina Kyle a.k.a. Cat Woman.  Along with Bruce, she observes the murder of Martha and Thomas Wayne.  Soon we see Jim Gordon and he and the grieving Bruce become chummy. 

During the investigation we come across the mob boss Carmine Falcone, along with a young girl called Ivy who keeps playing with plants, Edward Nigma who keeps asking questions in the form of riddles, and a squeaky guy working for the mob that they tease by calling him penguin.  REALLY?!?!?!  All of them in the first episode?!?  Then there is the confusing part of Gordons' corrupt partner being named Harvey, not Harvey Dent though.  Seriously, why do you blow this big of a wad this soon?  The end of the episode is after Jim tells Bruce they did not catch the man who killed his parents and Jim drives away.  On his way out, who do we see perched on the wall overlooking Wayne Manor?  No one other than the illustrious Selina Kyle. 

I am hopeful that they will leave these not yet known villains alone and move on with the story.  I am doubtful, though.  The story and the acting were great all around.  My only negative is the overindulgence of the not-yet-known villains.  I am sure next episode we will see the beginnings of Mr Freeze, King Tut, the Joker and maybe an appearance of the soon to become Two-Face. 

If they bring in Lee Meriweather, Eartha Kitt, or Julie Numar to be the mother of Selena, I am done.  For now, the story(without the gag villain cameos), the acting and the premise all seem top notch.  I am looking forward to episode 2 before I pass real judgement.  I hope to hear what you all think.  Drop me a line and let me know where you think I am on point and where you think I strayed.

Scorpion is the alias of a young boy who hacked into NASA to get the blue prints of the shuttle to put on the wall.  Move forward several years and Scorpion has grown up.  He created a think tank of sorts with three colleagues who are: a mechanical prodigy, a human calculator and a world class shrink. 
Within the first five minutes I liked this show way more than I like Gotham.  I am sure there is tons of technobabble that causes plot holes but since I am not a technogeek, I am good to go.  Some parts of it really stretched the realm of believability but still I loved it. 

This show is punchy, with good writing and acting.  There is a fair bit of action and drama that are not commonly found in the same single hour of network tv.  This show I will recommend to anyone.

Yeah, I really like this show so far and I really look forward to seeing what happens next week.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Reality vs Reality TV

Kevin Smith and the Secret Stash team

I read this blog today and it made me think. Here it is: Nerd Trader   Please, check it out when you are done here.I am a reality TV junkie.  From Survivor to Tableop to Project Runway and everything in between, I love it.  I have some limitations.  I can not get behind what my mom calls trash TV which includes Honey Boo Boo, Teen Mom or The Real Houswives (shhh I love New Jersey-that is our secret). If it is a new show I will watch it and see.   There are too many shows to name these days but I can honestly say I have tried most if not all for at least one episode.  There are plenty that I turned off during the first episode.  What happened to Real World anyway?  They were strangers living in a house.  They all had jobs or had to get jobs.  Now is is all about hooking up...I miss the old Real World....remember Real World Road Rules Challenge?  That was cool too. (sorry went of on a tangent).

I love the standard do a project and compete with the other contestants.  Think Project Runway, Top Chef and half of what is on the Food Network these days.  Your product is judged and if it sucks the worst, you are kicked off of the show.  To me this is a great formula.  Then you have the style of Big Brother The Bachelor and Survivor where the cast themselves chose the person who is going home.  With all of these I am sure the producers are in the ears of those doing the kicking off, trying to push their own agendas or what they think will make for better TV.  But, other than that, there seems to be a bit of honesty in the process of kicking people off, either way it is done.  The production comes across in the background if at all.  Perhaps that is why I love them all (not this season of Big Brother though, it SUCKS so bad I quit watching a month ago). Dude, Big Brother is sooooo bad this season it leaves the horror of last season in the dust.  At least I tuned in last year to see what racist homophobic rant any one of the cast were going to dive into.  This season Allison Grodner has a very obvious crush on Frankie Grande and has rigged several phases of the show to benefit Frankie.  This is not what the game is about.  There have been questionable production interventions in the past but this is so blatant is is obnoxious and ruins the heart of the game. (sorry another tangent).

There are some shows that play to my core interests, Heroes of Cosplay, Face/Off, Toy Hunter and Comic Book Men to name a few.  I have problems with Toy Hunter and Comic Book Men.  These shows are predicated on buying and selling of goods.  While I like the casts and LOVE Kevin Smith, I do not like the whole premise of buying and selling.  Unlike the folks in Pawn Stars, American Pickers and Storage Wars, I really like the entire cast of both shows. Jordan, and The Secret Stash crew are all nice and do not come across as total greedy asshats like so many of the others. That combined with the fact that they are all so brilliant in their vast knowledge makes these shows easy to watch.  I just have problems seeing these as reality at all.  Seriously, I don't.  I mean really, how many brilliant scores can you truly have with the cameras rolling?  Not that many unless they are staged.  I get it I do, you are making a TV show and have to make it interesting.  I am not going to say a whole lot about them because they are relatively new and maybe I am just bitchy.  I hope both continue to run for several more seasons.  The casts of both are entertaining so you should check them out and see what you think. (and Kevin Smith is Hot--Jordan is not too bad either)

Jordan Hembrough 

Thursday, September 4, 2014


I have tried to avoid this post but finally the time has come and I can resist no longer.  I hate band waggoners.  I hate them and my whole life I have worked hard to not be one.  I was planning on never seeing Frozen because of the hype. This late winter this movie was all over the place.  Political pundints, night time talk shows and on the radio.  It was everywhere.  Ok, there are too many factors for this movie to not be awesome but still I resisted.
Finally the extreme political right forced me to do it.  With all of the hate-mongering and insistence this movie promotes homosexuality, who could resist?  I saw it for the first time this past spring.  I pondered on it for awhile as I missed any gay references.  I then I asked some of my gay friends about this whole pro-gay thing and to point out what I obviously missed.  They laughed at me and told me that I had not missed anything.  WHEW, I thought I was really dense or something.  Then came John Travolta and the 'Wickedly talented one and only Adele Dazeem'.  Seriously? You can't say Idina Menzel?  Watch it here: John Travolta is kinda stupid.

This summer I made a trip to my parents house.  Neither had seen Frozen although they owned the DVD.  One late night my Mom and I stayed up to the early hours watching it and I loved it even more.  She made my dad watch it the following evening and he was toe-tapping through the music.  Later during the visit we made my sister watch it.  She liked it too, so far everyone I know that has seen it likes it.  I have insomnia problems and decided to put it on repeat so several nights I watched it once or more.  During this two week vacation I think I saw Frozen over a dozen times. 

I am not a fan of buying music off of iTunes but, well....I bought the soundtrack and also the DVD.  I love this movie.  The music is spectacular, the movie is heartfelt and warm.  Who knew Kristen Bell could sing so beautifully?  Not this gal. 

The costumes, can you call them costumes if they are animated?  Well, the dresses are so BEE-YOU-TEE-FUL.  I mean seriously who does not want Elsa's snow queen dress?!?! I know I do.  That is for damn sure...She is HOT...kinda weird but yeah.   I know for awhile Disney was having trouble keeping up with the demand for Elsa's dress for the little girls and Halloween.  I do not know if they have caught up or not. Good luck to all of the parents out there.  It might be easier to find a seamstress to make you one.

OLAF, I totally need him as my BFF, hell he has his own Flurry. Josh Gad, who does the voice of Olaf took me back to the crooners of old.  Bing Crosby is who he made me think of to be honest.  It might just be the song and the music, but I think it is the voice that made the song what it is. 

The trolls, how cute are they?  "By the way, I don't see no ring".  I mean really?  They roll on into your heart.  The animation is great and their script even better.

A friend of mine has a daughter in day care and on the wall of the day care is a poster that says "Days since a Frozen song was sung".  He tells me it has been at zero for as long as he has taken his daughter there.  HA!  I can only imagine what it would be like if you had a kid who liked this movie.  I know one or more of the songs goes through my head most days if not every day.  Apparently the armed forces likes this movie too.  Check it out here: Marines watching Let it Go.

How this is considered to promote homosexuality is beyond me.  Maybe it is because of the song Let it Go?  Nope, not at all, I do not get it...makes no sense.  I have to thank the far right crazies though because without them I would not have seen this movie-certainly this soon if not at all.  To them I ask "Do you want to build a snowman"?

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Dragon 2014

HOLY BANANAS FOLKS, DRAGON CON IS OVER. This year was amazing as always so here is my recount of what happened...sort of.

For those of you who are not familiar with Dragon Con, it is a four day gathering of all things nerdy in Atlanta, GA held over Labor day weekend every year.  This is in the loosest sense comparable to the more well known ComicCon.  The main difference between the two is that ComicCon is industry driven, DragonCon is fan driven.  This con is put on by the fans and for the fans of all things geeky.

At Dragon Con there are programming tracks that break up the different genres of fandom,  Currently there are over 40 tracks and it grows and changes every year.  Some of the tracks are: Alternate History- for the Steampunk crowd, Horror for all of the Cthulu lovers out there, Costuming-I think this one is self explanatory, Brit Track for all things Brit, Classics for those who like older sci-fi and oh so many more.

I check into the hotel Tuesday and watch as all of the con goers arrive.  I love to watch the before the con and how it organically grows as the furniture is moved out, signs moved in and people arrive.  Wednesday, I get the GoPro fired up and I do my pre-con walk-throughs.  I go to all of the hotels and look in all of the nooks and crannies.  I make sure I know where my favorite tracks have moved to and the fastest (at this time) ways in and out of that area.  I check out the two food courts and the vendors center (what I can get into).  I record it all and watch it later when I am jonesing for next year.  I do the obligatory pre-con dinner at Sear and love every bite.

Thursday I watch all of the people arrive and this year there were several tracks that had events going on so I went to a few.  There were lots of music groups this year and there were several new stages for them to show off their skill.  Kinda cool.

Friday the chaos begins.  The cosplayers come out in force.  There were so many great costumes this year.  Every year is great and maybe I just got lucky but this year seemed to be better for what I saw.  I saw a very plus size woman as Wonder Woman just own it.  She was amazing.  So were the guys dressed as the "Wet Bandits" a.k.a. Daniel Stern and Joe Pesci from Home Alone.  Cool.

This year, more so than the rest seemed a lot more crowded.  I was turned away from several panels that were over crowded.  I am not talking big celebrity panels, but smaller ones.  Adult Oragami was one.  HUHUH?!?!? I got to the line 30 minutes early then someone comes out of the panel room and tells us that the room is already full.  For oragami?  Holy cow.  Evey year is busy but doggone, this was bad.
I went to the Dealers Room(s) at America's Mart and crowded does not describe it.  Rumor has it that at one time the fire marshal came to limit people.  I do not know if that is fact or not, but I would not be surprised at all.  When I first got there it was not too bad but people kept filing in and it got to be too much.  Once in the rooms it was so hard to navigate and find your way out.  Crazy mess.  Supposedly there is a plan in place for next year to move the hall in to building 2 of the America's Mart and that has more floor space for walking between the individual vendors.  I am all for this.  WOO HOO.

Saturday was the parade which I avoid like the plague.  Way too many people for my liking.  I go to panels during the parade and have a good time with smaller crowds.  People start to trickle in after the parade and then the insanity begins.  In the Marriott you can barely move anywhere,  no matter what floor you were on.  The Hilton and Hyatt were barely any better.  YUCK.  It took me almost an hour to get from they Hyatt to the Hilton.  This year the Hilton was busier than it had ever been.

As always there were several parties.  I wandered into a Star Trek party and danced with some drunk Klingons. Had a moment with some Elven Kings doing the YMCA at a Hobbit party.  I had a blast at all of the parties I went to.

Sunday and Monday were much better in terms of crowds so I was able to go to so many more panels and gatherings.  Friends, new thoughts, ideas and fun.  My favorite Monday panel has been the same for the last several years.  It is Namarie-Into the West put on by the Tolkien Track.  Basically it is a recap of what they did this year and suggestions for next year.  Totally awesome as always.
Monday is also kind of fun watching the mass exedous.  Kinda sad but fun too.

I do not want to recommend Dragon Con to anyone because then it will just make it more crowded for me.  Selfish I know but damn, it is so crowded I do not want any more people there.  BUUUUTTT if you have the need to feel at home with people of your own kind, like I do, Dragon Con is the place to be at home with thousands of people who will show you nothing but love in your choice of nerdery.