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Game of Thrones Recap S5-E3

The episode begins with Arya sweeping the floor of the House of Black and White.  She is trying to become one of the faceless men.  As Jaqen points out, she is waring the clothes of Arya Stark, acting like Arya Stark, carring the sword of Arya Stark therefore she is Arya Stark and is not ready to give up who she is in order to become a faceless man.  After this, Arya throws all of her possessions into the Bravos Bay.  She tears up when it is time to throw Needle into the bay and instead buried it under a pile of rocks.

We move onto the bitch Cearsy.  She is in a carriage on the way to the wedding of Tommen and Margaery and the crowds outside of the carriage keep screaming "Margaery, Margaery".  LOLOLOL Shows what it means to be a good person or the opposite-Cearsy.  We then move on to Margaery and Tommen post coitus.  Margaery is a master manipulator of Tommen and plants in his head that his mom will always treat him as her little cub and not the King.  WOW She is good!  Cut to a conversation between Tommen and Cearsy where he asks her if she misses Castilly Rock.  You can see she knows where this conversation started and she goes to Margaery and tells her that if she ever needs anything she is there for her.  Margaery is VERY passive aggressive towards her and asks her to sit for a drink, but she would have to have someone bring in some wine because it is too early for herself.  LOL Then she asks if she should call her queen mother or dowager queen and that she should be a grandmother soon.

Next we are off to Moat Cailin where Roos and Ramsey Boulton have taken up residence.  Ramsey, like always, is eating rather messily.  There is a conversation between the two and it is apparent that Roose does not approve of Ramsey flaying the families of the everyone he meets. There is such a thing as diplomacy.  Reek aka Theon Grayjoy, is listening to the conversation when Roose tells Ramsey that he will be marrying Sansa Stark.  LOLOL  I do not think Reek or Ramsey are happy about that at all.

Sansa and Littlefinger are riding up to moat Caitlin where he tells her that she will be marrying a Boulton.  Sansa throws a little girl fit.  I agree with her that she does not want to marry the man that betrayed and murdered her mother and brother Rob (Roose).  Littlefinger tells her she will marry Ramsey.  He (in great manipulator fashion) tells her that he will not make her do anything that she does not want to do.  Also, that she has been a bystander to tragedy since her father died and there is a time for justice and she needs to take charge and do it.  If she wants they will leave.  They go to Moat Cailin.  Once there, Sansa is brought before Roose and Ramsey and you can tell there is a second where she wants to hit Roose, but then she courtesies to  him and they take her to her room.  The housekeeper tells her it is good to have her in the north and that the North Remembers.

Brienne and Pod are still following Sansa and Littlefinger.  We learn a bit of backstory for both.  Pod tells her that he is proud to be her squire because she is the best fighter he has ever seen.  Brienne decides it is time to teach Pod how to ride and how to fight.  WOO HOO.  About time.

To The Wall.  Stanis comes to talk to Jon.  Stanis wants to know if Jon is going to take him up on his offer to go home to Winterfell as Jon Stark and rule the north.  THANK GOD Jon declines.  Stanis tells Jon that he is just as stubborn and honorable as his father.  Jon accepts the praise...Stanis tells him it is not praise and it honor is what got his father killed.   Stanis also tells him to send Janos Slynt and Allister Thorne to Eastwatch by the sea.  

When Stanis leaves Davos stays behind and tells Jon that Stanis sees something in Jon. He reminds Jon that the Knights Watch vow states that they are "the Shield that guards the realms of men" and the Boltons are torturing all of the north.  Perhaps, at this time the best way to be that shield might not be sitting on the wall. 

Allister Throne and Janos Slynt
Jon goes to address the men and discuss a few matters.  There needs to be a new latrine hole dug.  Cut to Allister Thorne who obviously thinks it is going to be him that digs it.  Instead, Jon selects one of the other men.  Next order of business is addressing Allister Throrne, he states the Thorne fought well and bravely during the attack of the wildlings and makes him head ranger.  Last order of business is Janos Slynt.  Jon sends him off to Grey Guard.  This is a shambling tower and tells Slynt he will repair it. Slynt throws a hissy and tried to remind Jon that he was in the King's Guard when Jon was in diapers.  Jon lets him rant for a sec and then tells him this was an order.  Slynt keeps going on and Jon asks for his sword and for the men to take Slynt into custody.  Slynt thinks Thorne is going to stand for him and defend him from being taken.  Thorne steps aside to the shock of Slynt.  Janos Slynt finally admits he is a complete coward and Jon chops his head off.   Thank the Gods.   Stanis is watching and nods his approval to Jon.

Back to King's Landing.  The High Septon  is in a brothel and Lancell Lanister and some of his cronies come in and escort him outside, nude, to walk through the streets.  The Septon then goes to the high council asking for them to arrest the group of thugs the "Sparrows" who did this.  Cearsy goes to see the High Sparrow-the leader of the "Sparrows".  She talks to him and lets him know that the High Septon came to her to have him executed.  Instead, she put the High Septon in prison.  She states that there are two pillars that hold the country together: the crown and faith.  What the High Septon did was a disgrace.  For once, WOO HOOO Cearsy.

Littlefinger has a conversation with Roose Boulton and the only thing that really came out of it was something Littlefinger said: "The Eyrie is mine and the last time the lords of the Vale threw their swords in with the lords of the north, they brought down the most powerful dynasty this world as ever known".  This leads me to believe that Roose and Ramsey do not have much time left on this Earth as Littlefinger plans to takeover not only the North but all of Westeros-ohhh Littlefinger.

We have Tyrion and Vayres traveling to Meereen to find Daenerys.  Tyrion needs to get out of the carriage and they stop at a brothel.  Tyrion goes to pick up a girl and for some reason he decides he can not.  Probably memories of Shae.  No one is more shocked than he is.  He then goes to take a pee and Jora Mormont sees him and takes Tyrion captive.  "I am taking you to the queen".  This could mean he is taking Tyrion to Kings Landing or to Daenerys.  I think he is taking him to Dani.  What do you think?

I think this was another good episode.  The only 'shocker' was Sansa and Ramsey.  There was a few moments that she had that look like she was not a meek mouse again but then well, she has disappointed before so who knows.  I love Margaery.  She is going to be great and a serious pain in Cearsy's ass.  WOOT!  I wonder what will happen to Vayres now that Tyrion has gone missing.  I bet he will find Dani before Tyrion and be waiting there when Tyrion gets there. 

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