Tuesday, May 26, 2015

20 Things to Do Before I Die

Last night I got to thinking.  What have I done and what do I want to do?  I thought about it alot last night and I have pondered on it today.  What have you done in your life you have wanted to do?  What have you yet to do? Do you feel like you have accomplished a lot, or are you lacking?  I hope you think on it a bit yourself and realize all that you have done and what is yet to come.  Create your own lists and see.  This list will inevitably change and I hope yours does too.  I hope we all can get some of our lists checked off and added to the been there done that pile.  I would love to hear what some of yours are or were.  Drop me a line sometime.  (femmeoffandom@gmail.com or on facebook.com Here are mine in no particular order:

Stand on an iceberg
See the Northern Lights
Visit Hobbiton
Sky dive
Visit Normandy
See a whale not in captivity
Step foot on all of the continents
Go to Italy and see the artist masters of old
Go to a tropical island
Get published
Be an extra on a movie or tv set
Take a cruise
Learn to sail
Eat at a Michelin Star restaurant
See a baseball game at all of the Major League Baseball parks
See Jack Nicklaus tee off at the Masters
Take a guided tour of all of the major Civil War battles
Help save an endangered species
Climb a mountain (even a small one)
Find lost treasure

Things that were once on this list that are not any longer: (A.K.A. Been There Done That pile)

Visit Pebble Beach golf course
Go to a nerdy convention
Meet a celebrity and have my picture taken with them
See the Hollywood sign and the Walk of Fame
See the Statue of Liberty
Visit Niagra Falls
See a show at Radio City Music Hall
See the Las Vegas Strip and gamble in a casino
Stand in both major oceans
Believe in Magic
See a baby being born

The lists seem kind of unbalanced.  Somehow I need to make this more even.  Many of the first list I am running out of time on or are almost impossible.  I suppose that is what this list is for.  Some that are attainable and some that are not.  A goal nonetheless.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Game of Thrones S5-E5, E6 and E7

After going on vacation I did not get to see the last three episodes on time.  During my time off, I thought I would try something a bit different.  I thought I would add more discussion rather than a just a recap.
In the last few episodes we have Daenerys messing up everything in Meereen.  Finally she made a few good yet somewhat questionable decisions.  She decided to allow the fighting to continue in the fighting pits...only with free men.  Then she decided to marry a citizen of Meereen.  LOLOL ok.  If she thinks that will work to help appease the people of this gawd awful town, then let her at it.

Jorah and Tyrion are traveling the long way to Meereen through old Valyria where they apparently put all of the people with grey scale.  Kind of like a leper colony.  Jorah contracts Grey Scale but hides it from Tyrion.  They are captured by slave traders who want to kill Tyrion for his penis.  Per legend, dwarf penis is lucky. This is hilarious to me.  The exchange the captors have with Tyrion while he tries to save his penis is beyond funny.   Tyrion states that they need to keep him alive to prove that the penis comes from a dwarf because he is well endowed.  LOLOL this is just great.  The captors decide to keep him alive.  Tyrion tells the captors of the combat prowess of Jorah and now they are both off to the fighting pits of Meereen.  I think the duo could be quite funny if the writers let them go at it, they would be even funnier. Even during stressful and dark scenes the banter of Tyrion can make anyone chuckle. Once in Meereen, Jorah and Tyrion come across Daenerys and Jorah tells her that he brought a present with him and Tyrion steps up and says, that he is the present.  Woo HOO, they have finally made it to Daenerys.  I do not know how this is going to play out.  I think that the combination of Tyrion and Daenerys has to be greatness because the Meereen story is past stale.  We need Tyrion to be back in a position where he can regularly use his gifts of tact and manipulation.

I do now know which duo I like better, Tyrion/Jorah or Jamie/Bronn.  Jamie and Bronn are off in Dorne looking for Jamie's daughter.  They are hilarious.  They walk right into the palace and try to take Myrcella.  She of course does not want to go and about that time, there are The Sand Snakes (the daughters of the dead Prince Oberyn Martell) and a battle takes place.  There is no winner because as the end comes so do the palace guards.  They take Bronn, Jamie and the Snakes into custody.  What is it with these Lannister men?  I love them both.  Both of them are witty and have moments of hilarity.  During the battle with the Snakes, Bronn was poisoned by one of the knives of the Sand Snakes.  Think of what took down the Mountain during the battle with Prince Oberyn.  The Mountain is still under the care of the new Maester in King's Landing and we do not know his status other than vegetable.  While in prison Bronn befriends one of the Sand Snakes she then gives him some of the anti-serum to save his life.  Interesting.  Thank goodness.  I thought they were killing off Bronn and I was about to be pissed off.  I love me some Bronn.

 Cersei the bitch is at it again.  This time her sights are set at they Tyrell Family.  She has already had Loris taken into custody via the High Sparrow,  Now she has her eyes on Margaery,  RAH She has Margaery testify in regards to Loris not being a homosexual.  The next to testify is the Gigalo that Loris has been boffing. He testifies that not only did Margaery know, she caught him and Loris going at it once and made him leave.  Since the High Sparrow is a righteous man and Margaery lied, he takes her into custody.  Tommen is upset and trusts his mother to take care of it and get Margaery out of jail.  Tommen is showing his age in that he trusts his mother and does not see the wicked witch that she is.  The next episode lady Olenna tries to convince Cersei to release Margaery and Cersei will have nothing to do with it.  In fact Cersei goes to the prison to Margaery to gloat.
 Lady Olenna has a meeting with the High Sparrow to try to save Margaery and of course it does nothing but to show that The High and Mighty asshat High Sparrow Is a total D-Bag.  The asshat Sparrow calls a meeting with Cersei and tells her all about Lancell and what secrets Lancell had to spill.  He then has Cersei thrown in a cell. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO! Cersei thinks that she is going to be able to get out of this.  After all, her son is the King.  HA, you empowered the monster.  Now, they come after you.  YIPPEE!!!! This is the beginning of the downfall of Cersei Lannister I have been waiting for this for 5 seasons.  Down with the Bitch of Westeros!

There are some bits with Jon Snow and the Knight's Watch.  He is going to free the wildlings and go north of the wall to recruit them to help in the upcoming war with the White Walkers.  He leaves the wall and it is right away that Sam and Gilly are accosted.  Maester Aemon dies and it if Jon does not get back soon the Watch will be no more and nothing but chaos.

Stanis and Mellisandre are marching on the Boltons and Winterfell but they are having a problem.  The snow is coming.  Their sell-swords are from the south and not used to these kind of winters and the cold.  They have abandoned Stanis.  Mellisandre states that they need royal blood.  It is at this time that she tells Stanis they have royal blood in Shereen.  He tries to tell her they could use leeches and she says NO!  Holy Shit Stanis, you can not possibly consider doing this.  NO WAY!  If you kill your own daughter you will loose the respect of everyone.  Is being King worth killing your daughter and loosing the respect of everyone?  Everyone in Westeros will hear the story and think you are CRAY CRAY for following this psycho God that made you kill your own daughter.  I hope to God that you get your head screwed on straight and do not do this.

There has not been a lot of Arya this season.  She is still in the house of Black and White.  She is learning to be No One and getting past who she was.  This is difficult for her.  She has been washing lots of corpses.  The most recent episode someone brings their very sick daughter in for help.  She tells them about the healing waters and the waters are actually poison.  This is a mercy killing and she then washes the little girls body.  This is when Jaqen H'ghar takes her to show her the basement and tells her she might not be able to be No One but she might be able to be someone else.  Yay, I am tired of watching her wash corpses.

Sansa is now married to Ramsay.  There has been a lot of hubub over what happens next.  While wholly unpleasant, for the time that this show was set in, it kind of makes sense and I am not really offended by it.  Besides, it is worse in the book.  It is their wedding night and Ramsay is ready for getting some nooky from his new wife.  He makes Reek stand in the room to watch as he forcibly takes Sansa from behind.  Not nice or kind in any way.  In my opinion, to get that bent out of shape s a bit ridiculous. I think Sansa being married to that tool sucks big time.  I really, really do.  I have never liked Sansa, I think she is a huge idiot but still no one should be treated this way, except maybe Cersei or Theon.  HAHAHA  Later on, Sansa shows her inner idiot again when she tells Theon that they are not alone.  She asks him to light the candle in the tower to signal Brienne for help.  DOH!  Now,  Sansa has been locked in her room all of the time and Ramsay comes to her every night for more nookie.  Not a pleasant existence at all.  I get what she was trying to do but shit, you have to test the waters before jumping in and breaking your neck.  Of course Reek runs to Ramsay and tells him all about Sansa and the plan for help.  Ramsay then tortures and flays the maid that told Sansa about Brienne.  Sansa, really, you do not trust the lackey traitor with your biggest ace up your sleeve on the first go around.  What an idiot?  REALLY!  What an idiot?  I thought she was getting better.  Every time I think that, she then does something really stupid again.  She needed to work on Reek before telling him your one secret.  With the previews for next week, she tries in on Reek again.  We shall see.
The most recent episode there was a lot of action.  Until that point this season has been moving the players to where they need to be on the chess board.  I am happy for all of the action.  Mostly I am happy that Tyrion made it to Meereen and he will be able to begin his journey advising Daenerys.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Season Finale of The Flash

This was a GREAT Season Finale...Beware there will be Spoilers.

Eddie Thawne
A few episodes ago Eddie Thawne was kidnapped by Wells/Eobart Thawne/Reverse Flash.  From that moment Wells started the mind games on Eddie telling Eddie that he was a long distant ancestor (of Wells/Thawne/Reverse Flash) and that Eddie was the dissapointment of the family.  Random other rude comments came including info (true or false) that Barry married Iris and not Eddie.
Once I found out that Eddie was an ancestor, I thought well, shit, then if we kill Eddie, then none of this would ever happen.  No Eobard Thawne, then the whole story changes....then I realized there were 2 episodes left so I had to be off base.
Eobart Thawne/Harrison Wells/ Reverse Flash

Skip to the finale where Eddie has been found and has broken it off with Iris.  Eddie has a conversation with Dr. Martin Stein in which Stein tells Eddie how he (Eddie) is the one thing that all of science can not calculate, coincidence.  Why did Wells come back to this time and place where his ancestor was?  Coincidence?  I think not.  It is about this time that my friend said out loud that OHHHH, Barry is going to go back in time and save his Mom, Instead of his Mom dying, it will be his Dad.  UGG this made me think of this till the end of the episode.

When Eddie died, I thought HA, I knew it.  The cliff hanger end was great.  My problem came moments even hours and days later.  People were sooooo off put that Eddie died.  These are some of my nerdiest friends.  I said how did you not see that as a possibility?  You are smarter than that.  My friends were offended that I would even think of it.  BAH!  I got confirmation from another source, my friend, Gary (thanks Gary!) that I was not out of my mind to not be up in arms about his death.

I will state I do not know the comics and if this was a huge deviation from the comics, fine.  For those friends of mine who have not read the comics, then it should not have been that big of a shock. Besides, per all of the comic book shows this year, dead is not always dead and there are always cameo flash backs.  Besides, this is the Flash, he has traveled more time than Marty McFly at this point, so who knows, he might change time back.  ANNND, the singularity might be up to some more mischief.

Monday, May 18, 2015

I am a GAMER, that is what I do, who I am

My entire life I have been a gamer chick.  From my earliest age I remember playing board games, card games and video games.  Hell, I even remember my grandfather having those plastic games filled with water and the rings that were floating where you pushed the air button to move the rings. There are all sorts of things on the internet about fake gamer girls and the such.  I understand where this mentality came from and ok fine whatever.  That was the past and this is the present.  I am a girl and I love to game.  I am not going to get into any kind of debate about the whole gamer-gate issue.  This week I am at a gamer convention and in the group I am with there are 3 women and 3 men.  The women were equally skilled and equally competitive.  I did note that the men were bitchier if they were losing than the women.  LOLOL
This week has shown me the true love that I have for gaming.  Win or lose, I love to play.  We had such a good time.  We are going to do it again soon.  WOO HOO.  Thank you to the rest of my group who made a great gaming week.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

What I Did Last Night

I am a nerd, geek, dork whatever you want to call me.  I keep it pretty private in reality but in here I am as open as I can be.

I go to conventions.  I have dressed up in the past but at this time I do not feel it is a priority.  I go to see celebrities, go to panels and learn new things.  I go to meet new people and hang out with old friends.  I like conventions.  Some of the smaller conventions I have been to were kind of meeh. I have to say my favorite one is Dragon Con.  Every year I think I need to go to ComicCon in San Diego.  That being said, I heard horror stories year after year and have never really tried to go.  I have even heard that celebrities like Felicia Day have had issues there.  Instead, I will stick with my small more local cons and of course one big one. 
For many years I have gone to Dragon Con in Atlanta.  I love it. LOVE IT. LOVE IT. LOVE IT.  I have met several friends there and have learned of many new fandoms.  Currently we are 118 days away from the con and I am in total "I can't wait" mode.  This year I am taking my brother with me.  In the past I have gone with my best friend and also I have made my Mom go with me.  She had a blast and I hope she gets the opportunity to come again.  

In my preparations for the con (the BIG ONE) I listen to several of my favorite podcasts and what they have to say about the Con.  See The Khan Report.  This is just one of the many podcasts I listen to.  These are both very specific to Dragon Con and it helps me to deal with the waiting-for-con-funk.  I also watch all of the Youtube videos including the Last Dragon Con parody.  There are many other links if you would like to check out DragonConTv.  I have to do something to get me from the post-con-funk through the waiting-until-con funk until the it-is-almost-here-joy.  

Last night I was suffering through the waiting-for-con-funk and decided to watch the documentary Four Days at Dragon Con.  While watching, I was thinking of what I have done each year and decided to get out the old printed pocket programs.  I looked at what I did each year and what I wanted to do but did not make it to.  Wow, have things changed.  When I started going, there were 30,000 people going and last year there were over 65,000 attendees.   In the beginning there was a paper pocket program that you had to use.  Now, there is an online app that you can use to plan your con.   HOLY crap it has grown.  The most important thing I have discovered in my years of attending cons is that each con is unique.  Make it special to yourself and there is no way you will not have a fantastic time.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Game of Thrones S5-E4 Recap

Welcome Back.  This is awesome.  I have to say it is nice seeing that Winterfell is not burning in the credits any longer.  WOO HOO.

Margaery Tyrell since I hate Cersei
Gawd what a bitch.  I do not think I have shared my opinion of her very well.  I FUCKING HATE HER.  This I suppose is the whole purpose of her.  Some constant character to loathe through the entire story.  Cersei sends the Kings Master of Coin Mase Tyrell to Bravos to discuss terms on the loan they have given to the crown.  She makes a deal with the High Sparrow to arm him and his men.  They then violently go after anyone Cersei thinks goes against the Gods....Good God when did she take up religion?  The Sparrows go after the brothel owned by Littlefinger and then take Loris Tyrell into custody.  Margaery of course flips out and screams at the King, Tommen.  Tommen does confront his mother, Cersei but she tells him to confront the High Sparrow himself.  Tommen does go to the streets to the High Sparrow and is stopped because the Sparrow is praying.  While in the streets, the crowd calls him filthy bastard and abomination.  Tommen then walks away.  He goes to tell Marjaery and she leaves him to go be with her family.  HA HA HA Tommen, yes, you are only a teenager but it is about time you took up sides and they must be against your mother.

Princess Shireen of the House Baratheon
We see him talking to his wife the total crazy biatch, Selyse, who is upset that she did not give him a son.  Instead, she gave him a deformity in their daughter, Shireen.  Later Shireen asks Stanis if she is ashamed of her.  Stanis tells her the story of how she got the gray scale.  He reminds her that she is the Princess Shireen of the house Baratheon and she is his daughter.  Shireen hugs him, and for the first time, Stanis shows us some real emotion and he hugs her back.

The red priestess, Melisandre, tried to persuade Jon Snow to come with Stanis and the army to march on Winterfell.   Jon tells her that the Knight's Watch is his life now and then she tries to seduce him.  EWWWWW!! Good for Jon that he withstands her seductions.  Jon tells the her that he is in love with another and will not betray her.  On her way out, Melisandre turns and looks at Jon and says "You know nothing, Jon Snow".  This was the line that Ygritte told him time and time again.  Kind of a knife in the heart and low blow.

Sansa in the Winterfell Tombs
She is visiting the crypts under Winterfell.  Littlefinger finds her there and he tells her a story of him as a child and seeing Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen.  He hints that maybe Rhaegar did not kidnap and rape Lyanna after all.  HMMM FOOD FOR THOUGHT as this is not the first or even second time this hint has been dropped.  There are rumors all over the place that Jon Snow is the result of their union and not really Ned Starks bastard.  I am sure we will find out later on.  When Littlefinger tells Sansa that he is leaving for King's Landing I expected her to throw more of a hissy like she ususally does.  Instead, she seems to be pondering her situation more...WELL GOOD FOR HER.  Hopefully she lets her spine grow instead of keeping it a bit stunted.  Littlefinger tells her how Stanis is coming to march on Winterfell and kick the shit out of the Boltons.  WOO HOO Once the Boltons are out, Stanis will make Sansa wardeness of the north.  He will do this as a repayment for her fathers loyalty in Stanis' claim to the throne.  If Stanis does not come, Sansa will have to continue the plan to marry Ramsay. Sansa tells Littlefinger she does not know how to please Ramsay and she is scared of Roos.  Littlefinger tells her she should be scared or Roos but that she knows how to maneuver since she has learned from the best, himself of course.  BUT THEN Littlefinger kisses her. BLUCKITY YUCK YUCK YUCK

Jamie and Bron
They are making their way to Dorne to take back Jamie's daughter, Myrcella, from the house Martell.  Their ships captain is taken prisioner by the daughters of Ellaria Sand and Oberyn Martell.  They find out that Jamie has come to take Myrcella back.  The four women decide to save Myrcella from Jamie and Bronn and to make war against the Lannisters.

Tyrion captive of Jorah Mormont
Tyrion is back on a boat this time as a captive of Jorah Mormont.  Jorah tells him he is taking Tyrion to Daenerys.  LOLOL I love Tyrion so much.  This is a funny play between the two.

She takes a council from a Hizdahr zo Lorac, a Meereen man looking for her to resume the traditions of fighting in the fighting pits.  Dani of course will not allow them to begin.  Next come the Sons of the Harpy killing Dani's soldiers and Unsullied.  Grey Worm is surrounded by many, many of them and almost dies and then Barristan Selmy comes to his aid and they are the only two left.  Both are mortally wounded though.

The preview for next week:
Barristan Selmy is indeed dead, Dani is crying then looks pissed.  Sansa looks up and sees Ramsay screwing someone.  You hear him say, "You remember what happens to people who bore me?"  Abd Brienne stating "Sansa is in danger even if she does not even know it".  Then cut to the wall and Jon saying Winter is Coming, we know what is coming with it and we can not face it alone". Stanis is leaving Castle Black and Tyrion is in the boat and looks up and sees.....a dragon.

Tyrion sees a Dragon

Next episode looks like the BEES KNEES!!!!! HOLY COW I can not wait!

Let me know if I missed something or if I need to review anything further.  I would love to hear from you!