Tuesday, May 26, 2015

20 Things to Do Before I Die

Last night I got to thinking.  What have I done and what do I want to do?  I thought about it alot last night and I have pondered on it today.  What have you done in your life you have wanted to do?  What have you yet to do? Do you feel like you have accomplished a lot, or are you lacking?  I hope you think on it a bit yourself and realize all that you have done and what is yet to come.  Create your own lists and see.  This list will inevitably change and I hope yours does too.  I hope we all can get some of our lists checked off and added to the been there done that pile.  I would love to hear what some of yours are or were.  Drop me a line sometime.  (femmeoffandom@gmail.com or on facebook.com Here are mine in no particular order:

Stand on an iceberg
See the Northern Lights
Visit Hobbiton
Sky dive
Visit Normandy
See a whale not in captivity
Step foot on all of the continents
Go to Italy and see the artist masters of old
Go to a tropical island
Get published
Be an extra on a movie or tv set
Take a cruise
Learn to sail
Eat at a Michelin Star restaurant
See a baseball game at all of the Major League Baseball parks
See Jack Nicklaus tee off at the Masters
Take a guided tour of all of the major Civil War battles
Help save an endangered species
Climb a mountain (even a small one)
Find lost treasure

Things that were once on this list that are not any longer: (A.K.A. Been There Done That pile)

Visit Pebble Beach golf course
Go to a nerdy convention
Meet a celebrity and have my picture taken with them
See the Hollywood sign and the Walk of Fame
See the Statue of Liberty
Visit Niagra Falls
See a show at Radio City Music Hall
See the Las Vegas Strip and gamble in a casino
Stand in both major oceans
Believe in Magic
See a baby being born

The lists seem kind of unbalanced.  Somehow I need to make this more even.  Many of the first list I am running out of time on or are almost impossible.  I suppose that is what this list is for.  Some that are attainable and some that are not.  A goal nonetheless.

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