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Game of Thrones S5-E4 Recap

Welcome Back.  This is awesome.  I have to say it is nice seeing that Winterfell is not burning in the credits any longer.  WOO HOO.

Margaery Tyrell since I hate Cersei
Gawd what a bitch.  I do not think I have shared my opinion of her very well.  I FUCKING HATE HER.  This I suppose is the whole purpose of her.  Some constant character to loathe through the entire story.  Cersei sends the Kings Master of Coin Mase Tyrell to Bravos to discuss terms on the loan they have given to the crown.  She makes a deal with the High Sparrow to arm him and his men.  They then violently go after anyone Cersei thinks goes against the Gods....Good God when did she take up religion?  The Sparrows go after the brothel owned by Littlefinger and then take Loris Tyrell into custody.  Margaery of course flips out and screams at the King, Tommen.  Tommen does confront his mother, Cersei but she tells him to confront the High Sparrow himself.  Tommen does go to the streets to the High Sparrow and is stopped because the Sparrow is praying.  While in the streets, the crowd calls him filthy bastard and abomination.  Tommen then walks away.  He goes to tell Marjaery and she leaves him to go be with her family.  HA HA HA Tommen, yes, you are only a teenager but it is about time you took up sides and they must be against your mother.

Princess Shireen of the House Baratheon
We see him talking to his wife the total crazy biatch, Selyse, who is upset that she did not give him a son.  Instead, she gave him a deformity in their daughter, Shireen.  Later Shireen asks Stanis if she is ashamed of her.  Stanis tells her the story of how she got the gray scale.  He reminds her that she is the Princess Shireen of the house Baratheon and she is his daughter.  Shireen hugs him, and for the first time, Stanis shows us some real emotion and he hugs her back.

The red priestess, Melisandre, tried to persuade Jon Snow to come with Stanis and the army to march on Winterfell.   Jon tells her that the Knight's Watch is his life now and then she tries to seduce him.  EWWWWW!! Good for Jon that he withstands her seductions.  Jon tells the her that he is in love with another and will not betray her.  On her way out, Melisandre turns and looks at Jon and says "You know nothing, Jon Snow".  This was the line that Ygritte told him time and time again.  Kind of a knife in the heart and low blow.

Sansa in the Winterfell Tombs
She is visiting the crypts under Winterfell.  Littlefinger finds her there and he tells her a story of him as a child and seeing Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen.  He hints that maybe Rhaegar did not kidnap and rape Lyanna after all.  HMMM FOOD FOR THOUGHT as this is not the first or even second time this hint has been dropped.  There are rumors all over the place that Jon Snow is the result of their union and not really Ned Starks bastard.  I am sure we will find out later on.  When Littlefinger tells Sansa that he is leaving for King's Landing I expected her to throw more of a hissy like she ususally does.  Instead, she seems to be pondering her situation more...WELL GOOD FOR HER.  Hopefully she lets her spine grow instead of keeping it a bit stunted.  Littlefinger tells her how Stanis is coming to march on Winterfell and kick the shit out of the Boltons.  WOO HOO Once the Boltons are out, Stanis will make Sansa wardeness of the north.  He will do this as a repayment for her fathers loyalty in Stanis' claim to the throne.  If Stanis does not come, Sansa will have to continue the plan to marry Ramsay. Sansa tells Littlefinger she does not know how to please Ramsay and she is scared of Roos.  Littlefinger tells her she should be scared or Roos but that she knows how to maneuver since she has learned from the best, himself of course.  BUT THEN Littlefinger kisses her. BLUCKITY YUCK YUCK YUCK

Jamie and Bron
They are making their way to Dorne to take back Jamie's daughter, Myrcella, from the house Martell.  Their ships captain is taken prisioner by the daughters of Ellaria Sand and Oberyn Martell.  They find out that Jamie has come to take Myrcella back.  The four women decide to save Myrcella from Jamie and Bronn and to make war against the Lannisters.

Tyrion captive of Jorah Mormont
Tyrion is back on a boat this time as a captive of Jorah Mormont.  Jorah tells him he is taking Tyrion to Daenerys.  LOLOL I love Tyrion so much.  This is a funny play between the two.

She takes a council from a Hizdahr zo Lorac, a Meereen man looking for her to resume the traditions of fighting in the fighting pits.  Dani of course will not allow them to begin.  Next come the Sons of the Harpy killing Dani's soldiers and Unsullied.  Grey Worm is surrounded by many, many of them and almost dies and then Barristan Selmy comes to his aid and they are the only two left.  Both are mortally wounded though.

The preview for next week:
Barristan Selmy is indeed dead, Dani is crying then looks pissed.  Sansa looks up and sees Ramsay screwing someone.  You hear him say, "You remember what happens to people who bore me?"  Abd Brienne stating "Sansa is in danger even if she does not even know it".  Then cut to the wall and Jon saying Winter is Coming, we know what is coming with it and we can not face it alone". Stanis is leaving Castle Black and Tyrion is in the boat and looks up and sees.....a dragon.

Tyrion sees a Dragon

Next episode looks like the BEES KNEES!!!!! HOLY COW I can not wait!

Let me know if I missed something or if I need to review anything further.  I would love to hear from you!

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