Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Why I dropped Loot Crate

I so love the idea of LootCrate.  I asked for a subscription for Christmas.  I was so excited to get it.  My first box was the December box.  While not all of it was to my taste, I was so happy I did not care.  I have received the boxes every month since.  Seven boxes in total.  The cost is around $20.00 per month plus shipping.  The only box that I thought came close to being remotely worth the $20.00 was the box from last month.  I received a Dungeons and Dragons tee shirt, a Platform 9 3/4 Luggage tag, a House Stark Flash Drive, some Game of Thrones magnets.  Pretty cool all in all.  This month I received an Avengers car decal, shoelaces and ice tray, a cheap puzzle, a Power Rangers tee shirt, a couple of comics and a set of buttons.  UGGGGG REALLY?
This box was not the first box I received that looked like a conglomeration of things that were Spencer's or Hot Topic rejects.  I get that everyone has such different tastes but sheesh.  I liked 1 in 7, pretty terrible if you ask me.  I have seen other boxes and the contents were all so cool I wanted to join in.  Out of all of the boxes I have received, I think I would have purchased maybe 6 items on my own and I doubt the cost would have come to the over $140 spent.  Do not get me wrong, I love the surprise of it all, I do.  I just can not justify all of the cost for what little I am getting.  Maybe I joined a the wrong time or something but still it is such a damn bummer.  Finally, I have given up and cancelled.  I wish LootCrate the best and left them a nice recommendation in my farewell survey, GET BETTER STUFF.

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