Friday, July 31, 2015

50 Days of Dragon Con Day 39

Blood Drive
I donate blood one time per year.  I donate at Dragon Con.  Years past there was a dreadful line at registration that often took more than an hour to get through.  Once you got through the registration line you picked up your program bag and headed out of the Sheraton.  On the way out there is the registration for the LifeSouth Blood Bank.  Years ago you could go through the blood bank  line and donate before some of your friends got through registration.  A few years ago a few things changed.  First, registration got a bit faster.  Second thing was that more and more people started to donate instead of the long registration line. Again, this is another line so it is a great place to talk to people.

I have a pretty desirable blood type so they always ask me to be a part of this machine that splits my blood up and then puts some of it back.  Pretty cool really.  This process takes a bit longer than the standard process.  No biggie really.   Sitting in the blood drive last year I was there (in a chair both in line and while donating) while Marc was in the line for the Dragon Con store.  LOLOLOL  He got done about 10 minutes before I did and he was standing in line the whole time.  HA HA.  This is yet again another line but, for this one you are sitting in air conditioning and have a new program to look at.  Pretty cool.

The folks at LifeSouth have been doing this drive at con for so many years they have the process down pretty perfect.  Everything moves pretty quickly.  They even give you snacks, drinks and a blood drive/con related shirt.  The shirts are always pretty cool.  The blood drive is in the Sheraton with registration.  They have moved their secondary location this year and it will be in they Hilton.  I am not sure where in the Hilton they will be.  I do know that the are now there.  I can not help bit think that this is a mistake.  In previous years the axillary drive was in the Marriott right behind the cross walk to Peachtree Center and the Hyatt.  They had a nice little niche and it did not add so much traffic to that already congested area.  Since donating is not on a specific time line there was not a great addition of timed congestion like the end of a panel will cause.  I know the folks that organize the con must have a reason for doing this and I kind of look forward to seeing what they do with that space.  If you get a chance to donate, this is a great place to do it and I whole heartily recommend it.

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