Saturday, July 25, 2015

50 Days of Dragon Con Day 41


I have always had to travel long distances to get to Dragon Con.  First from the west coast and now from Colorado.  Airfare prices keep going up.  They keep adding fees and making baggage restrictions smaller.  As I do not have a lot of money, I try to save the money I do have and spend it at the con and not on luggage fees.  Each year seems to be a challenge.  I go before con and stay after so this is a full week.  I know I will buy things at con but still, I need to bring enough for before the con begins.  Cosplay has always been at a minimum because of travel.  Souvineers have always been limited because of shipping.  In the past I have resorted to shipping dirty laundry home and that cost me $50.00 so was not a big savings.  Also, shipping did not get my clothes home until over a week after I got home from con. 

Something I have found out is wait and study the airfare.  Yes, it is always a risk to buy now or should I wait longer or did I already miss the cheap point?  Study Study Study.  Use websites like Hipmunk help to compare prices.  I have found that paying for first class-yes it can be pricy-saves me in the long run.  Since Delta is the main airline in and out of Atlanta, I have been using them for the last several years.  I have chosen to pay an additional hundred or so dollars to get first class and then I get my carry on and also a free checked bag.  WOO HOO!!! I can not explain how much of a help this is.  On the way there, I pack my carry on suitcase and then put it inside of the much larger checked bag and check it.  YAY A less cumbersome time at the airport.  Then on the way home I have plenty of room for all of my collectibles, clothes and, anything else that comes my way.  This also avoids security asking me what all of my stuff is.  I do not have to worry about if I have enough of what ever solution to make it through the week in the tiny 3.4 ounce bottles.  UGGG That can be a pain in the butt too. 

For anyone who has to go the airline route, I recommend looking at first class and definitely watch airline prices....Study them and it will save you big money in the long run.

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