Saturday, July 25, 2015

50 Days of Dragon Con Day 42


Dragon Con unlike many other cons does something I like.  They clear out each room after every panel.  This means you can not camp out in a room for 6 hours waiting for the one panel at 5pm.  YAY!  That being said, for some of the smaller panels and for all of the large celebrity panels there are lines to get into the room to see said panel.  The lines are usually organized and very few times do you have people cutting.  Yes, there is always someone holding a space for a friend or two.  That happens, no biggie.  I have never seen someone holding double-digit or more spaces.  When the room opens up they file you in and set you down in a very organized fashion.  There is not a way to hold several seats empty beside you.  I am so glad for that.  Especially with the recent news about the goings at San Diego Comic Con.

The lines to get into the rooms are not supposed to start lining up until 1 hour before the panel.  This does not always happen.  Lines sort of begin forming when the first brave and dedicated soul decides to start the line.  Lines are one of the best ways to get to meet people.  You know they have some sort of interest in what you are in line for.  Instantly there is something to talk about.  Often you can see games being played, books being read and even sometimes music being played.  I have been in many many lines and with the very rare exception I have had an excellent time and have met some of the best kind of people.  I have learned new things and seen other points of view.  It is wonderful to get into a debate about who is the best hero or worst villain of that specific genre.  This has happened on more than one occasion and I look forward to learning new things every year.

Take some time and enjoy the line you are in.

A line winding around the outside of the Hyatt

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