Sunday, July 19, 2015

50 Days of Dragon Con Day 47

Another day down.  Where does the time go?

Every year at con I make a list of things I need to read, watch, see, do, or buy before next con.  So far I have not read two of the books on the list.  I am missing one documentary and I am several movies and TV shows short.  I do not know why but after con I always think there is time and I will get to it.  AHHHH I am 47 days till con and I am so far behind.  There are shows that I have given up on-Gotham-and that is ok but then there are those I have not even started-Bitten.  I am decades behind on Dr. Who and Star Trek and have barely made any headway there.  On the good side I have finished Manimal and Battlestar Gallictica.  I am current with all of my most needed podcasts. I am almost done with The Tudors and I am up to date on Downton Abbey.  I am about to finish Storm of Swords and have watched and re-watched Game of Thrones.  Penny Dreadful has to be my favorite show off of the list but as I do not have Showtime I have to wait until they have another free weekend where I can catch up on season 2.

I am not much of a cosplayer so I am not in the same kind of panic as many others.  Still, it is a panic.  It is my panic.  I do not want to be out of the loop with all of the TV talk.  After last con I decided I need to work on changing that.  I have done nothing...nothing. ARGGGGHHHH Right now I am watching everything related to Stephen King's The Shining-miniseries and all.  Next is Sense8, Killjoys, Dark Matter, Mr. Robot, The Strain and find a way to get season 2 of Penny Dreadful... I have a busy week ahead.  Wish me luck!

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