Saturday, July 18, 2015

50 Days of Dragon Con Day 49

Hello and welcome to a new edition of 50 Days of Dragon Con.

On my first adventure to the con, I was sooo out of my element.  I did not have any idea where I was going or what I was doing.  LOLOL I tried looking at the pocket program (this was before there was an app) and was overwhelmed.  After the red-eye and hours in line to pick up my badge, I was off and running.  I hit up a Lord of the Rings panel on if The Hobbit was going to be filmed or not.  Yes, this was many many years ago.  In the room next door was a Sookie Stackhouse panel and I do not know what was going on but there was lots of excitement and screaming.  To be honest, I do not remember if the show True Blood had even been made yet or not.  I then wandered over to the Hilton and meant to be in the Marriott.  I found a Skeptics Track panel and promptly fell asleep.  Not to say that the topic was not interesting, just that I had now been up for over 24 hours and was exhausted.  After I awoke from my brief nap I was off to......somewhere.  Friday was such a blur.  I have no idea what happened the rest of the day.

Saturday was the day I was going to get my autograph from the author I went to see.  I decided that I would go to see where she was going to be doing the signing.  I headed out early.  The signing was to be at 2-ish so I thought I would head that way around noon.  As I found where it was going to be, I also found a line had already started to form.  HOLY CRAP!  I instantly got in line and sat there.  I was sitting on the floor of the Marriott with the con going on all around me.  I was there for hours upon hours and it was great.  I met people and took lots of photos.  I got my autograph and spent the rest of the con in line to see many many authors.  I came across a lady who I saw in many of the same places I was.  For now we will call her Mildred.   I will discuss more about Mildred later.  This whole con I was a lost mess.  I am navigationally inclined and can find my way from place to place.  However, there were so many places I wanted to be at once and had no idea how to get to all to them.  My head was a jumbled spinning mess.  I missed out on so much and yet did so very many things.  I met people I am still friends with all of these years later.  Hi Joe and Gary!  I will be forever grateful for my first year at Dragon Con, all of the people I met, the things I saw and did.  Oh, what a splendid time I had.

Cosplay as viewed from my place in line.

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