Sunday, August 30, 2015

50 Days of Dragon Con Day 10


There are a lot of people that make their first journey to Con every year.  There is a Facebook group that is dedicated to helpful hints and tips for anyone in the group.  There is a plethora of information.  There have been dozens and dozens of questions and everyone is so very helpful in answering any and all questions.  Everyone wants to know what are the things that they can not miss.  I stand by my answer to that question.  I always answer that the con is an individual pleasure.  I can tell you what I think are cant miss things but to someone else they might be meeh.  I think that each individual has to figure out what their things to do are.  I have been going to con and every single con I find something new that is a can't miss thing to do.  People say that the parade is can't miss.  I have never been to the parade and do not think I am missing out.  I think the Voltaire concert is can't miss but others I know could not care any less about going to the concert.  Dragon Con Newbies.

There are also frequent questions about what are essential things everyone needs to know.  I have some helpful hints for EVERYONE at con not just the newbies.

1) Comfortable will walk and you will stand and wait.
2) Hand sanitizer.  Con-crud is a very nasty flu and hits you as you leave the con and lasts a week after con.
3)  Stay hydrated...The host hotels all provide watering stations with paper cups and you can fill a water bottle there if you have one.
4)  Do not forget to eat.  Whether you take travel sustenance with you through your travels or if you stop at a cafe or food not forget to eat.  I have forgotten to do this from time to time and by Monday you start feeling it.
5)  Shower every day.  Your fellow con attendees will DEFINITELY appreciate it and you will appreciate it from them as well.
6) Try something new.  Do not get stuck in a are not there to do the same old thing.
7) Talk to someone-meet new people.  You never know, you can meet a life long friend.
8) Take time to relax.  Whether it be in a panel or in the morning before you leave your room..take 10 minutes to decompress.
9) Go to con a day or two early to get your bearings on where things are and how to get form one place to another efficiently.

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