Monday, August 17, 2015

50 Days of Dragon Con Day 19

Walk Throughs

A long time ago in a town far far away there was a little convention called Dragon Con.  Dragon con has been around for 25+ years and has gone through many changes.  There have been additions and subtractions of locations and changes of dates.  Things can get kind of confusing some times.

One year I was jonesing for the con so bad I started watching random Dragon Con related YouTube videos and found some by a gentleman named Rich Colvin.  He posted a walk through of all of the hotels and even the food court.  This was sooooo amazing.  These not only helped with the con withdrawal but it also provided lots of good information for those who had never been to con.  OMG it was AWESOME.  Since the time the originals were posted he has done several updates and changes.  Check some of them out here: Rich Colvin Dragon Con Walk Throughs.  Rich did these a few years ago.  Since then, Darren Nowell and Mike Faber of the ESO Network have done one of their own walk throughs which is also extremely helpful.  As I have said, there are many many changes that occur every year.  Check theirs out here: ESO Walk Through.  Even though I have been going to con forever and ever and know where all of these videos take me, I like to remember the happier times.  These videos help take me there.  HEE HEE

Since seeing these, Marc and I have done some on our own.  These are not posted to any channel because, well, they are not appropriate for people of all ages.  (wink wink).  I love watching these in the spring when the con withdrawal starts getting bad.  This year we have two GoPros and will do battling walk throughs so it will be totally different.  I can't wait. 

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