Sunday, August 16, 2015

50 Days of Dragon Con Day 22

The Walkout
I hate walking out of panels.  I hate it so much I would rather suffer in silence than hurt the panelists feelings by leaving.  I have only walked out of a few.  Back in 2011 a book came out called 50 Shades of Grey.  I am sure all of you have heard about it.  I read it and thought this alternative style of life was intriguing.  The Electronic Frontiers Forum or EFF track had a panel called BDSM 101.  I saw this and thought hmmmmmmmm.  I went to the panel and it was in a very large ballroom in the Hilton.  The line to get in went all around the lobby and well scattered out of sight.  Due to the subject matter this was a late night panel.  I went and sat near the back.  In front of me there was a couple in their 40's I would guess.  Then next to them was this foursome of 20 somethings.  There was one girl on the end sitting next to the female of the 40 somethings.  The 20 something had fuzzy hand and leg cuffs on.  Interesting.  The male and female switched places and the male started talking to this girl.  The female struck up a conversation with the dude next to her now.  OMG! I found myself in a swingers club....Cool but I do not swing.

By the time the panel began, the room was standing room only.  There were people dressed in every sort of BDSM attire and many folks like myself in jeans and tees.  The panel began and there was one emcee and several different 'presenters'.  I say this because they did not present in the usual fashion of presenters at a con.  They acted out scenes and talked of scene etiquette.  They talked about their personal preferences, play dates, Munches, and many other things.  At one point they all got mad at 50 Shades stating it gave them a bad reputation.  They were all well informed and comfortable with the subject matter.  This was very well organized and in some was one of the best panels I had been to. 

I had been alarmed since I saw what was happening in the row in front of me and saw it progress.  Now, I was feeling really uncomfortable and pretty miffed.  I was a noob in what I thought of as a class for noobs and they were talking wayyyyyy over my head.  This was not a 101 class but a 501 class.  The final straw was the row in front of me.  The girl was being pawed by both the male and female while the female was being pawed by the dude next to her.  EWWW.  Not something I wanted to see, like ever and certainly not in a panel at a con.  I looked to the very few rows behind me and to my shock they were all empty.  There were many seats open in the rows in front of me but I did not notice that the entire back was empty.  HOLY COW!!! This was freedom.  There were already enough people that had left one more would certainly not be any worse than the 200 or so before me.  I was outta there as fast as my chubby legs would take me.  FREE I WAS FREEEEEE!

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