Sunday, August 16, 2015

50 Days of Dragon Con Day 24

Saturday Night

Every year at con there are parties, parties, parties.  There are official Dragon Con parties and then there are the other parties.  There is inevitably LOTS of alcohol consumed by LOTS of people.  Most people know how to handle their liquor.  Every year there are a few schmoes who can not.  They go up to the higher levels of the hotel and drop things off of the balcony.  Jerks really.  Some have been con attendees, others not.  No matter their tolerance level, someone is bound to be an idiot.

I can not count the times I have gone back to my room LATE one night or early the next morning and found some complete idiot passed out in a corner, hallway or on a stairwell.  Seriously?  Don't you have friends that will take care of you and not let this happen?  Damn this sucks that you do not have friends, or they are crappy friends.  At other venues this could be quite dangerous.  I do not find the con to be dangerous, per se, but there are crazy people in every bunch.  Please if you are going to drink, please have someone with you that can handle their liquor better than you can or better yet, do not drink to that state.

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