Sunday, August 9, 2015

50 Days of Dragon Con Day 29


While I am on the subject of getting lost in the Hyatt, I have yet another story to tell you.  One year not so long ago, I was looking for a good place to eat.  I had heard that the Hyatt had a bar on the roof and it spun.  COOL.  I also heard that the Hyatt had a good restaurant called Twenty-Two Storys.  I decided this was the place to go.  Now, I thought this awesome Twenty-Two Storys was on the roof of the Hyatt and went looking for it.  This was a few years after the struggling to find a bathroom incident so I was a wee bit more familiar with the hotel than I was previously...or so I thought.

Once at the Hyatt I went to the elevator bank and usually they have something that tells you to go to the special elevator that takes you to the roof.  Maybe you have to get a special visitors pass or something.  I could find no info on this at the elevator so I decided to do some more walking.  I knew there was an information panel over at the International Tower so I headed over there.  I found the interactive menu for Twenty-Two Storys but not instructions on how to get there.  AHHHH!  Really irritating.  I kept looking around and decided to try the elevators again. 

As I got back to the elevators, there were fellow con goers and they were setting up the Con Suite and told me to stop by.  I decided to follow them.  I did this because I did not have a Hyatt room key and did not want to get trapped on a higher floor.  I wandered around the second floor of the Hyatt and found the Con Suite for the first time ever.  TOTALLY COOL!  YAY!  It has now been an hour since I set out and I am famished and not a little bit pisssed off.  I decided eff this I was going to go to Sear in the Marriott.  On my way out of the elevators heading to the Marriott habit trail I walked passed the bar known for the Bucket O' Rum and saw the waist high sign stating that this was Twenty-Two Storys restaurant and bar.  OMG I was soooo mad.  GRRR, I thought this was supposed to be on the roof.  Needless to say that Polaris is the bar on top of the Hyatt.  Yeah, I know

The Polaris at the top of the Radius Tower.

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