Sunday, August 9, 2015

50 Days of Dragon Con Day 31


Every year Dragon Con brings in dozens upon dozens of celebrities.  Some are current, some are not.  Some are main stream, some are not.  Some are authors, some are movie stars.  There is a celebrity of sorts for everyone.  Some of the celebrities do the Walk of Fame- I will get into this more in a later post.  Some celebrities do panels and discussions.  Either way, celebrity sightings are cool. 

The celebrities that do panels are often surprised by the turnout of the people that come to see them.  Often times, the lines to get into the celebrity panels go around the building to get into them.  Not every celebrity is the same.  There are bigger names and there are lesser known names.  Every few years there are celebrity surprises.  The celebrities are not necessarily sci-fi related and yet they are invited and come to con.

Back in 2011 Dragon Con brought Loni Anderson and Howard Hessman to con.  They did a couple of W.K.R.P. panels.  Heck, maybe it was only one, I do not remember for sure.  This is one of the few celebrity panels that I stood in line for for hours.  I did not know why these two were at a sci-fi convention nor did I care.  These two were absolutely AMAZING guests.  They were genuine, friendly and truly surprised at the turnout.  We were so happy to have them.  This was truly one of my most memorable panels I have been to.  Such WONDERFUL guests and I have to say Loni Anderson looks FANOMINAL.  

Thank you for coming Mr Hessmann and Ms Anderson.  Thank you for coming and being such great guests.  I hope you will be able to come again soon.

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