Saturday, August 8, 2015

50 Days of Dragon Con Day 33


Every year there are dozens of musicians that come to the con.  One of the many regulars is Aurelio Voltaire.  He is one of my favorite.  Voltaire is not only a musician but an artist and a writer as well.  A few years ago there was some sort of confusion or controversy over if he was going to be coming back to con.  I do not know where the problem came from but at the time it was a big tadoo.  There was lots of sorrow as he has been a staple at con for many many years.  In fact, he was even in the documentary Four Days at Dragon Con.  In the end he made it back to con.

Voltaire always puts on a great show every year.  He does panels and also has a booth where he sells his CD, books and other stuff.  One year, during his show, he told us this might be his last ever performance at con.  Awwww.  Bummer!  I was in the audience jumping to the music and singing along when someone bumped into me...Shocking, I know.  When I looked over at who bumped me it was this guy and he was crying and singing along.  I too was singing along but I was not crying at all.  This poor kid, I say kid, he was like 22, was just a total mess.  At the one point in the show Voltaire asked for people to come up on stage and sing with him..the guy beside me started sobbing like his mom died or something.  I told him to go on up and he did not want to.  Finally he went up.  I was so glad for him but, really?  What was the crying about?  I don't get it,  Needless to say Voltaire has been back every year since this one and I will go to see him again.  He is a seriously cool dude and you should stop by his table and say hi.

Photo courtesy of Voltaire.

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