Sunday, August 2, 2015

50 Days of Dragon Con Day 37

Should I have done that?

The first year at con I decided to go to Atlanta at the last minute.  With con being over a holiday-Labor Day- to get the time off of work I needed to request those days months before.  Since it was last minute, there was NO chance I would get the time off.  I decided to risk it and go to con anyway.  At that time I lived in San Francisco.  I had time off available so I decided to go to the con and call in sick to work.  This is not always a nice thing to do but at this time and place in my job, I thought screw them.  LOLOLOL
Once we got through the registration line I decided it was time to call in sick to work.  Now off to find a place that might be quiet enough to do the dirty deed.  In the Sheraton there is an enclosed stairwell that is sort of off of the beaten path.  It is in that stairwell that I called in to work.  I felt kind of bad, but after seeing all of my peeps, that was a fleeting thought.  Once I called in I sat there for a bit as I looked through the pocket program and planned out my day.  I think it was totally worth it.  For all of my friends in Pharmacy Services (only 2 are still there) I am sorry!  (but not really).
That is the couch I called in on.

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