Thursday, September 3, 2015

50 Days of Dragon Con Day 2

Thursday before con is a bit of craziness.  Yesterday the Marriott had a bit of a snafu and started taking their furniture away from the common areas a day early.  It was kind of cool since there were obviously so many more con attendees here than there were last year.  Wednesday is the new Thursday, I guess.  Anywhoo, they put the furniture back for yesterday and then took it away late last night.  Since arriving here I have already walked more than 10 miles and it is only Thursday, what the heck?!? LOL I knew I would walk this much.  I got up early and headed down to the Hilton lobby where I got in line to register for my room next year.  I stood in line for over an hour and got to meet a really cool chick from Nashville.  HI, Melissa!  We chatted about this and that for over an hour.  I learned that she likes to make her own hooch- apple pie- and I have put in a request to buy some from her next year.  I got set up for next years room and was off to registration to pick up my badge.  WOO HOO this line, while kind of long took less than 15 minutes and then I was off to the blood bank.  Here is the thing, I usually figure I will not be done with the hotel, badge pick up and the blood bank before 2.  I was not only done, I had stopped in a sit down restaurant for lunch and was in the game room playing Fluxx before 2.  HOLY COW!  This was the fastest Thursday of chores I have to do that I have ever had.  Thank you to all who made this go so fast!

I hung out in the game room for a few hours played some games then went to the food court and got an absolutely dreadful cheese steak.  DO NOT GO THERE.  The sandwich was cold, my soda was half full and it was not good at all.  Now what to do?  I still had a few hours before the sing-a-long began.  I hung out under the pulse lounge and people watched.  This is always a good time.  Especially in this location.  You are out of the way and yet you can see 3 floors below you.  WOO HOO.  Great place to watch my people.  I have to say there are a lot of Jurassic Park costumes this year.  Kind of disappointing though.  They are not hard to make or assemble so meeh. 

The sing-a-long is next and was put on by the American Sci-Fi Media Track.  They played all sorts of songs and we sang, I think it is kind of self explanatory, honestly.  But we had a blast.  Jeff even had fun as I heard him singing along.  I was the dork singing at the top of my lungs to songs I had no idea what the words are and was dancing in my chair.  WOOT fun times.  Thanks Kelley and Gary.  It is now midnight and I have to get to bed because my first panel starts early tomorrow and I am so excited.  WOOT!

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