Wednesday, September 2, 2015

50 Days of Dragon Con Day 4


So the track I am about to talk about has gone through MANY changes the last couple of years including splits and name changes.  I do not know which track this story fits into right now so we will GUESS that it is the newly created Horror track.
Many years ago I went to a panel about the tv show Dark Shadows.  I loved this show from the 90's and then watched many of the movies off of the 60's soap opera.  I loved this show.  The track was sponsored by Netherworld haunted house here in Atlanta.  They brought in props for the stage.  It was REALLLY cool. 

Before the panel began there was some staff setting up and the like and one of the staff knocked an obelisk down on to the audience.  This actually hit a girl in the leg.  NEVER once did the guy check on her or apologize.  Medical was called in and the whole bru-ha-ha ensued.  Never once did he ask her how she was doing.  Someone went to get her ice and everything.  Did the guy that knocked it over do anything?  NO he looked at her like she did it to herself.  What a jerk.  The victim turned out to be ok and pretty cool about the whole thing.  The guy, he was a complete dick about it all.  I see him from time to time at the con and i think what a jerk and move on.  Seriously how could he not at least say he was sorry?  I do not understand people these days.

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