Wednesday, September 2, 2015

50 Days of Dragon Con Day 5


When at con there are dozens of food options to choose from.  Once the con starts I do not leave the con and worry about food.  Since I am here early I leave to go to eat. There have been several places that have come recommended.  One of the places is a burger joint called The Vortex.  This is just down the street from the Hyatt in midtown.  I did not look this place up on line and instead decided to go in blind.  Once I got there there was a sign to seat myself.  I turned the corner to find a very large penis statue.  OMG THIS IS SO COOL.  There were dead animals on the wall-not really my thing- but lots of other random stuff plastered on the wall and the walk spaces.  When I sat down the menu cover was covered with rules amout not being a baby, smoking, drinking, and the such.   It was all very cooooool.  Then I opened the menu and instantly became overwhelmed.  I wanted everything.  How do you decide?

I decided to get the Mac N' Cheesy-Changa to start off with.  This is macaroni and cheese wrapped in a tortilla with some pulled pork then fried and topped with queso.  OMG HEAVEN.  This is one of the best things I have ever ever eaten.  OMG the goodness!  Since I was still undecided on which burger to get, I asked the waitress.  I ended out getting the Zombie Apocalypse OMFG burger.  This burger was a delicious meat patty on a piece of Texas toast topped with pulled pork, 2 fired eggs and honey BBQ sauce.  Pure deliciousness.  This was so damn good.  All of their burgers looked so good.  Next time I go I will try some other burger but definitely get the Changa again.  The prices were excellent so all in all a great value.

HOLY COW do I recommend this place to anyone going to con.  It was a 5 minute Uber ride for $5 to get there and the same to get back.  SUCH greatness and not that far out of con.  Check them out!!!

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