Wednesday, September 2, 2015

50 Days of Dragon Con Day 6


Packing for con can be a complete nightmare.  You will inevitably forget something and bring too much of something else.  There are tons of tips and tricks on the internet for how to pack a suitcase.  I think everyone has seen some of those.  There are also other threads of information floating on other ideas and helpful hints.  I thought I would chime in on those.

I always expect that I will forget something.  I just hope it is never too major.  When I am at con I start a list for next con of what I need to bring.  To be honest this is never a new list.  I keep a list in my phone and just change the year on the title.  Then I uncheck things that I need to bring back again.  Mostly the unchecking are things like toothbrush, deodorant, shampoo and the like.  Then I add things that I had not thought of or have purchased this year for the next.  I continually change old items to fit something new, add or delete items off of the list.  I have had this generally same list for the last several years.  Sometimes there are things on there that are no longer needed or just extras.  Heck for this year I brought 4-yes 4-travel sized tubes of toothpaste.  I guess I did not want gnarly breath.

I checked everything off of my list but there were a few snafu's this year.  I had on my list headband.  I generally do not wear headbands and thought hmmm.  So I brought the one I had in my hair drawer.  What the list now says is jeweled headband.  I forgot I have a jeweled on that I wore not too long ago and it did not get put back in the Dragon Con accessories bin therefore I forgot about it.  OOPS Now I will remember for next year.  The other error is that for some reason a razor was not listed on my list.  There was shave gel and I brought that, but forgot the accompanying razor...oh well.  I went to CVS (oh yeah, I am here) and bought one.  This will now stay in my Dragon Con travel kit.  WOO HOO!!!

Needless to say, nothing is perfect.  Get over it.  I do every year.  Learn to live with it and your con will be FANTABULOUS!!!!!!!!!

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