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Game of Thrones Mid Season 6 Recap

Mid Season Recap
Wow what a season so far and we are only halfway through.  HOLY COW.

The North:
Sansa has grown up and is FINALLY taking charge of her own life and not depending on someone else.  It looks like Theon might grow his balls back as well.  Theon helps Sansa escape Winterfell as we saw at the end of last season.  He helps her run through the woods and then when Ramsays men catch up to them he tries to save her.  It is at this time that Brienne shows up with Pod and saves the day.  Once again Brienne tries to persuade Sansa to accept her loyalty.  It is only after Theon gives a nod of approval that Sansa accepts.  In a a kind of interesting twist of fate, Brienne swears her oath of loyalty using OathKeeper which was originally Ice, Ned Starks sword.  Kind of like Ned is there too.  Awwwww

Once Sansa has accepted Brienne,  Theon decides it is time for him to go home to Pyke, home of the Greyjoys.  We see his uncle Euron push King Baylon over a bridge and then be voted in as king of the Iron Islands.  There is a not-so pretty reunion with Theon and his sister Yara.  They flee the Iron Islands once their uncle Euron is crowned and it is a good thing too.  Once he is crowned , Euron is off to kill his niece and nephew.  Alas, Yara and Theon took some ships and have already left. YAYAYYY

Roose Bolton is pissed off at Ramsay for letting Sansa escape and for torturing her.  When it is announced that his wife, Walda Frey has a baby boy, Ramsay kills his own father.  He promptly feeds his step-mom and half brother to the dogs.  Lovely guy, don't ya think?  We find out that the Karstarks have now pledged their loyalty to Ramsay.  In a weird twist we find out that house Umber does also.  To prove it, the Umbers bring Rickon Stark to Ramsay and the head of Rickon's direwolf, Shaggy Dog.  This is the first major shocker to me.  To be honest, I cried.  I still think there is hope that this might be some plot to betray Ramsay and overthrow him. But, I am not so sure.  I still have hope though.  Osha a.k.a. Tonks from Harry Potter tries to seduce Ramsay and he ultimately kills her.  Some believe that with her death this is for sure the end of any thought that this might be some plot to save the north....still I hold out s twinkle of hope.

Jon Snow died and was resurrected. There have been many surprises this season and some expected surprises.  Jon Snow...if you really thought he was dead long term you are a smidge of an idiot.  Once alive again, he is a bit melancholy and does not want to fight anymore.  One if his lasts acts as the Lord Commander is to hang the traitors.  One of them tells him to let his family know he died fighting the wildlings.  His family is in White Harbor, house of the Mandarlays.  This is a pretty important family in the books and I wonder if it will come into play later in the season.  His last act as lord commander was to take off his cloak, give it to Dolores Ed and say "My watch has ended".    As Jon is packing to leave we see Sansa, Brienne and Pod coming to the wall.  Wonderful Reunion.  YAYAYAY This is the first time since season one that separated Starks are reunited.

Now Davos, I have to say he is the poo.  WOW!  Not only did he persuade Melisandre to try something she had never done in the midst of her personal crisis of faith and try to resurrect Jon, he then stopped the Night's Watch from coming and taking Jon's body away.  He is providing good counsel and is all around kicking bootay.

King's Landing

Cersei and Jaime are being their usual selves.  However,  there is Kevan Lannister and Lady Olenna Tyrell in the mix reminding Cersei that she is not in power any longer since her walk of atonement.  I think there is going to be a temporary truce between Lady Olenna and Kevan Lannister on one side and the other being Jaime and Cersei.  They both have a common enemy.  AAAANNNDDD the enemy of my enemy is my friend, Right?  I think they will work together long enough to free Margaery and Loris and bring down the Faith Militant.

There was an interesting exchange between Loris and Margaery in the cells below the sept.  Loris is just a mess and willing to do almost anything.  He wants to die... What a wimp.  Margaery is strong and talks to him to help him out of his funk.  Kind of interesting and I will get into that more in a bit.

Tommen is a total pushover and floats in the wind.  Tommen had a discussion with the High Sparrow and totally bought into what the High Sparrow was selling.  Tommen then goes to Cersei and tells her of the discussion and what she says is now right.  Whomever he talks to currently is all knowing until he talks to someone else and then that person becomes the omniscient one.  UGG!

The East
Dani, Jorah, Daario, Missandei, Grey Worm, Varys and Tyrion are all still in the east.  Dani is with the Dothraki with Jorah and Daario in hot pursuit.  There is a great bit here with the leaders of the Dothraki.  She shows Daario what it means to be the Unburnt.  YAY!

Tyrion and the others are trying to manage Meereen without Dani being there.  Tyrion frees the remaining dragons.  Why you might ask?  Well it is because of a few things: 1) Dragons do not do well in captivity. 2) Because Tyrion drinks and he knows things.  LOLOL  I think Tyrion is doing well managing the mess that Dani left in her wake.  Tyrion is not liked by the free people of Meereen, the Wise Masters, or by his allies.  What he is doing is what needs to be done though.  He is making a bartered peace.  When Dani comes back she needs to see what all Tyrion has been able to accomplish while she has been gone.  Not just take everything rashly and do what she is time for her to learn to be a bit diplomatic and to learn what it means to be a Queen and not a dictator.

Two More Starks
Arya is still fighting with the waif although she does now have her sight back.  She has been given another chance and another mission.  I believe this is some sort of a trap on the part of Jaquen but I am not sure to what end.  You do see that Arya is still in there and they have not completely beaten it out of her yet.  Thank goodness.

Bran, woah Bran. Since he took a break last season he has come back in full force.  Of all of the characters we see this season by far Bran is the most impactful.  We see him in the tree with the Three-Eyed-Raven and we begin with a long awaited flashback to a time with a young Ned Stark, Howland Reed-Meera's father and the Sword of the Morning, Ser Arthur Dayne.  They are somewhere in the south and Dayne and another man in Targaryen armor are there waiting for a battle.  Roberts Rebellion is now over and there is discussion why these two men are here and were not fighting in the war.  They reveal it is because they were told to be there by Prince Rhegar.  There is a battle and to be honest this is the best battle of the show so far.  It is six men fighting two and then it is five on one and Dayne is the biggest badass we have seen so far.  Dayne is wielding two swords, the infamous Dawn, and another unkonwn sword.  He kicks the absolute butt of these 5 men.  Due to a stab in the back by Howland Reed, Ned is able to be victorious.  Honestly this is BY FAR the best fighting sequence we have seen to date.  For book readers, this is known as the Tower of Joy.  We do not get into the tower but we do see Bran call out to his father and Ned turned as if he heard.  This DID NOT please the Three-Eyed-Raven and he takes them out of the flashback.  For those who have read the books here is a link to a theory that very much explains what we hoped to see up in that tower.

We have a few more random flashbacks to Winterfell and we are introduced to Bran's Aunt Lyanna.  About time.  She is a youngish girl on a horse and totally reminds us of Arya.  In the most recent set of flash backs Bran messes up big time.  He tries to enter a flashback without his guide in the Three-Eyed-Raven.  The most important flashbacks are the three most current.  The first is of the Children of the Forrest.  We watch as they create the Knights King by pushing a Dragon Glass dagger through a mans heart.  HOLY SHIT?!??!?!?  Why did they do this?  The answer is quite simple really.  They needed someone to help them fight off the first men who were decimating the Children.  Alas, this plan backfires and we have the issues with the Wights in the current day.  The next to last vision of Episode five "the Door" Bran sees the White Walkers and the Knights King.  The Knights King touches Brans arm  leaving a mark.  Apparently this is the key to the cave where everyone is at. HOLY CRAP THEY ARE COMING they have to get out of the cave.  The Three-Eyed-Raven pulls Bran back into a vision to try and upload all of the important info he can before the Wights get into the cave.  He Takes us back to Winterfell.  Simultaneously in the cave Meera is trying to wake Bran.  The Children are fighting of the Wights and all hell is breaking loose.  Hodor is Hodor-ing and Meera can not get him to help.  She is screaming at Bran to warg into Hodor. In the flashback Bran hears this and sees young Hodor across the yard and wargs into Hodor.  Hodor and Meera take Brans tranced out body and run.  Summer tries to defend them and is killed.  =(  They get to the back door and Hodor breaks it open.  Meera toting Bran tells Hodor to hold the door.  She keeps saying it and now in the flashback Hodor starts screaming "HOLD THE DOOR" over and over and it finally whittles down to hold door and then the end of HO-DOR.  Hodor is taken and we believe killed by the Wights.  I bawled like a little baby.  Summer AND Hodor!?!?! WOW!

There..... we are up to date.

I have to say to all of the people who think that this show is not for women and is all about women bashing,  Look AT WHAT HAS HAPPENED THIS SEASON!!!  Dani kicks the ass of the great Khals and comes out once again unburnt and all of the Dothraki are now hers.  Margaery shows Loris what it means to be strong and she is NOT falling for the good cop routine that the High Sparrow is feeding her.  Cersei and Olenna are the VERY dominant forces dealing with what to do with these bat shit crazy Faith Militant that Cersei armed.  Theon back to himself proves that his sister Yara should be queen of the Iron Islands and he will follow her not the other way around.  Sansa puts Littlefinger in his place.  She also awakens Jon Snow from his melancholy and gets him to ride south to find an army to defeat Ramsay.  Brienne finds a man who is interested in her.  WOOT!!! GIANTS-BRIENNE!!! WTG Tormund who seems to think she is the bees-knees.  It is about time for someone to take an interest in this absolutely amazing woman!  So far this is a season of women kicking serious ass.  I hope they keep it up!

There are zillions of theories out there on what has happened so far and what is to come.  I agree with many and have come up with many on my own.  Turns out I am not the only one who has come up with the same ideas though. There are many theories about Bran.  One I thought of  (and so has everyone else) is that the Bran we know is also Bran The Builder who built the wall centuries ago.  He travels back in time and actually builds the wall.  This also could mean he is all of the Brans throughout history.  I am a bit worried about all of this time travel paradox stuff and hope that it does not get too wibbley wobbley timey wimey.  This season so far has been absolutely amazing.  We are wrapping up stories and getting things done.  The last season was much more of a set up of what is to come.  YAY Season SIX!

There is so much more to come.  I am so excited.  I have all sorts of hopes for what happens but not really predictions.  I will predict Jaime does not tell Cersei to eff off  no matter how much I want him to. I predict there will be some variation of the Bastard Bowl (not really hard to predict that one) and that the North will rise to bring down Ramsay.  I predict there is WAY more to the story of Bran and even Jon Snow that we have been lead to believe.   I believe there will be some sort of battle in King's Landing with the Faith Militant.  I believe that the High Sparrow will be de-throned or killed this season.  King's Landing has to get off of their asses and see what is marching towards them from the North.  In order to do that, I think Tommen and Margaery will have to stand up to Cersei.  There is soooo much more.  I hope there is a Clegane bowl ( I do not necessarily think it will happen.  Who knows, though.  This is the season for fan lip service so it might happen after all.
I hope you are enjoying this season as much as I am.

Happy Watching!

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