Sunday, May 15, 2016

Something Personal

There is something I have been fighting off for awhile.  A smidge of depression.  Am I clinically depressed?  No.  I do have one subject that depresses the hell out of me, though.  I thought I was over this. Like 3 years ago over it.  In fact, I started this blog to help me get over that funk, and it worked.  Then out of the blue, WHAMMO!  I thought I was so over this.  I received some great news for a friend of mine and it triggered this shit storm.  Apparently I am not over it yet.  Will I ever be free of this mental nightmare?  Without getting into too much detail,  I just needed to vent and perhaps purge some of this yuck that is permeating my head.

I just remembered that tonight is Game of Thrones.  That will help clear the slimy sadness out of my head.

Thanks for reading.

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