Wednesday, June 29, 2016

66 Days Until Dragon Con

I have a new goal for the week.   The ultimate in difficult for me, to go sugarless.  Now I know that is almost impractical if you count all the sugar there is in processed foods, cereals hot dogs and stuff.  I am talking refined sugar.  Cookies, cake, candy and the like.  Today is day 1.  I hope I do not go berserk and kill someone.  ORR start seeing flying monkeys.  I have gone without cokes for years now and I think I can do this.  Wish me luck.

67 Days Until Dragon Con

I know this is supposed to be all about weight loss but something epic happened Sunday.  She is 10 year old Lyanna Mormont.  She laid the smackdown on a hall full of crotchety old men and took names.  OMG!  Sunday was the season 6 finale of Game of Thrones.  This was in my opinion the best episode in the history of the show.  We have some crazy goings on in King's Landing.  I think this is leading up to the Valonqar prophecy.  Will it be Jaime or will it be Tyrion?  I vote for Jaime.  If you do not know the prophecy, check it out here:  There was some great aligning of old houses...Targaryen, Tyrell and Dorne.  Holy cow, Lady Olenna is awesome.  I two of my favorite characters are Lady Olenna and Lady Lyanna.  Both kicked superior butt!  The oldest and the youngest make me smile.

It is hard to not be all spoiler-y.  I hope I have not ruined anything.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

68 Days Until Dragon Con

My family came to visit.  My diet plan went out of the window.  CRUD.  I did manage to hold myself to only two pieces of pizza though.  YAY for me.  Then I had pie.  =/

Big Brother season 18 has started up again and there is lots of drama.  I love Big Brother in all of it's drama and the oh so many train wrecks.  Anyone remember April and Ollie?  I wonder if they are still dating.  LOLOLOL  I honestly wonder how people are so stupid and do not realize that they are being filmed 24-7?  We have already had one showmance that has broken up and two more are in the works.  DURRH!  I will do more on that when we get to the first eviction.  Stillll UGG!

69 Days Until Dragon Con

Another Friday is here.  UGGG
I have done better this week but not good enough.Atleast there was no gain.
Goal for next week is to watch portion control.  No need to eat everything on my plate, I can leave some on the plate.

Date: June 24, 2016
Time: 10:30 pm
Water: 50 oz
Activities:Walk to lunch daily
Steps: 19819

Thursday, June 23, 2016

70 Days Until Dragon Con

Big Brother season 18 started last night.  As a tradition, Jeff, Marc and I go to On The Border and do a draft of who we want to be on our team.  We did this last night and there was much angst and cajoling.  We ended up with our teams and there was trading into the night.  The teams are as follows:

Paul JamesMichelle

Marc goes for who he thinks will tank quickly.  I try to go for strong women, and Jeff is usually alpha guys and returners.  Due to bad draft choices on my part and decent trades to off my bad selections, I have my team.  Marc made several trades to get his team.  Hopefully this year we will get a female winner!

71 Days Until Dragon Con

Ok now that I have mellowed a bit.  HOLY COW THAT WAS EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 9 The Battle of Bastards was AWESOME SAUCE.  You had 2 different battles, a budding flirtation, and bad ass ladies all over the place.  Lyanna Mormont, Yara Greyjoy, Danaerys Targaryen, and Sansa Stark.  WOOT!!!!! I wanna be like you!
I do not like battle scenes and there was a very GIGANTIC one in this episode.  I was either screaming at the tv, hiding behind a pillow or up pacing around the room.  It was crazy crazy.  Now a battle would not be authentic without some losses but, it has to happen.  There was sadness and a tear shed, I have to admit.  For the most part though this was so....awesome seems too meek of a word.  What is more than awesome?

I will not spoiler anything but instead leave you with this parting tidbit.

72 Days Until Dragon Con


There is a person out there whom I know who showed me the most wonderful kindness today.  It is weird how the littlest of things can make your day.  Weight loss is a struggle.  Many of us face it.  Whether we want to lose 10 lbs or something a little greater, it is a battle.  Wendy,  I cannot thank you enough for your words of encouragement.  Knowing that there is a someone out there is absolutely uplifting and amazing. When times get tough, even if we have never met, I am out here for you.  I have someone out there for me and I will be out there for you.
Please remember to be kind to others!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

73 Days Until Dragon Con

Game of Thrones.
Sunday is GoT.  Last night was the next to last episode.  I was so pumped and yet as the season winds down I am bummed because it is almost over again.  YUCK.  Last night was EPIC.  I made Kraft Macaroni and of the greatest meals of all time.  I ate the entire box.  It was a stressful episode.  OMG I almost forgot to tell you about the donuts.

For breakfast I had 10 donuts in the box.  These donuts were to last me all day and into today.  I had 2 and left the box on the table and went upstairs.  I was busy doing stuff and then the dog (Maclane) disappeared.  I could not find him.  I went looking and headed downstairs.  What did I find, a dog with his nose sticking out of the donut box that was now on the couch.  He looked at me and licked his lips.  HE ATE THE ENTIRE BOX OF DONUTS!  I was sooooo mad.  Needless to say he had a belly ache and was not in favor with me all day long!  He did not get a single other thing to eat the rest of the day.  No dinner, no treats, nothing.  That 35lb pig just ate all of my donuts.  In hindsight, I did not need all of the points and it was probably a good thing he ate them all but don't tell him I said that.

74 Days Until Dragon Con

Oh how the weekend sneaks up on me.
I was a very BAD girl this weekend.  I did the unthinkable.  I sat on the couch and played Neverwinter all day Saturday.  Neverwitnter is a online Dungeons and Dragons game for those who do not know.  I had so much fun but it was counter productive to my goals.  Oh well.  Can't do everything we want to do and still be 100% on plan.  Also, ate pizza.  It contains all of the major food groups so it is good for you, RIGHT?  Yeah, yeah, I know it is terrible for you but it is soooo delicious.  

75 Days Until Dragon Con

Have you all ever been on  It is a website by JK Rowling for Harry Potter fans.  (Yes, I still LOVE Harry Potter). You can get sorted into a house and even get what your wand would be.  I was sorted into Ravenclaw.  WOOT!  I was so shocked I tried it again and sure enough it was the same both times.  There are additional tidbits, facts and even writing by JKR.  There is so much more here too.  It is really cool.  If you are a fan of Harry Potter you totally need to check this out.  Let me know which house you got sorted into.

A few months ago a friend went to Harry Potter World in London.  WOO HOO!!  She bought me a Ravenclaw tee shirt.  I was sooooo excited.  She bought me a XXL which should have been PLENTY big even after it shrank.  Alas, I guess those Brits are tiny or something.  I hope to be able to wear it for con next year!
XXL London HP Ravenclaw tee.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

76 Days Until Dragon Con

This has not been a good two weeks.  First the toe and now a cold.  UGGG.  I have not been walking or working out a lot.  Also, there was an accident at the store and Oreos made it into the house.  Now I never had more than 3 at a time but still.  Alas, they brought bagels into work yesterday.  I succumbed to the delicious dough-ey-ness.  SHAME SHAME SHAME

Date: June 17, 2016
Time: 10:30 pm
Water: 60 oz
Activities:None...I have a cold
Steps: 14007

Thursday, June 16, 2016

77 Days Until Dragon Con


I have always had to travel to Dragon Con.  In the beginning it was from San Francisco.  Now it is from Denver.  Either way, it is a long flight.  There is a lot you are limited to when you fly.  First, unless you want to pay extra, and depending on the airline, you are limited to one carry on bag and a purse.  I go for a week.  Do you know how hard it is for me to pack regular clothes for a week in one suitcase and a purse?  UGGG!  Then, HEAVEN FORBID I buy anything. The trouble of shipping it home is a total mess.  One year I decided to ship my dirty laundry home via Fedex.  That way all of the delicate things I bought would be safe in my suitcase.  To ship Fedex regular-not overnight or something-was over $40.00.  WTH?  AHHHHHHHH!

How do you take costume supplies and how do you bring stuff back home?  It is a gigantic mystery to me how so many people can do it.  I can take one or two smallish costumes and that is it.  I have had to be pretty sparing on what I take so I have room to bring things home.  One year it was 18 tee shirts.  YAY!  This takes up a lot of room in one small carry on suitcase and a purse.  If you want to pay the $50.00 extra per bag per leg of the trip you can do checked bags.  Prices do vary and some are dependent on size and weight.  Money grubbing airlines!

Depending on the airline, the seats are so doggone narrow, there is no way to not infringe on the person next to you.  Then, you have to deal with the ugly stares you get from the people passing by hoping they do not have to sit next to you.  It is miserable.  Don't get me started on the seatbelts.  They do not always fit.  I swear some of them would not fit around kids.  So you have to go through the staff and say, hey I am fat, do you have a seatbelt extender?  They make airplanes embarrassing enough without drawing attention to ones self.  NO THANKS!  I just tucked the ends of the belt under my shirt so they thought I was strapped in.  Some airplane seats are so small that the average person spills out of them.  What are chubby people supposed to do?  TOTALLY UNCOOL AIRLINES!!!

THEN I found one of the most AMAZING websites EVERRRRRRR! Seat Guru.  This website actually helps you to find the different seats you might want.  They identify longer leg room, armrests that do not go up, and seat widths.  WOO HOO CHECK IT OUT!

On a trip From NYC to San Fran, Virgin offered a first class upgrade for $100.00.  It was the best and worst decision of my life.  I did it.  Since then I am spoiled.  When it is a long flight, I wait until the fares for first class come down until they are barely over the original price of the main cabin.  This year I am spending less than $200.00 more for roundtrip first class vs what I would have spent last fall for coach.  ANNNND I get 1 free checked bag.  WOOT!  I do not have to worry about seat belts, people looking at me funny because I am chubby, not fitting into the seat at all, or if I can get my stuff in the one small suitcase.  First class is totally worth the extra $200.00.  I recommend it.

78 Days Until Dragon Con

Soap box time.
I have a box.  Many might refer to it as a soap box.  The box is of my own making and I try desperately to not bring it out in public.  Unfortunately, here, today, it is getting brought out.  WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE????
Shooting up nightclubs?  Losing your kid and killing a Gorilla?  WTF?  A kid is 'snatched' by an alligator?  I cannot imaging the immesurable pain these families are going through.  My heart goes out to all of those who remain.  To those who have to pick up the pieces.  Tho those who have in someway been impacted by these tragedies. I cannot imagine your pain and to be brutally honest, I do not want to try to imagine it.

STILL, WTF?  Why are we doing this to ourselves?  Yes, I say ourselves.  The gorilla was in no way behaving out of character for a gorilla.  What was the kid doing in a place where he could get captured by the gorilla to begin with?  The alligator, it probably thought the kid was something to nibble.  If you go near the water, home to many alligators, do you really expect the alligator to not come take a nibble?  It is like asking the fat kid in school to not eat the unwrapped tweenkie that you left on his lunch tray in front of him.  Would he have asked you for your tweenkie?  Probably not, but if you open it and put it in front of him, what is a fat kid to do? 

In both of these incidents, the location of the animals and the animals themselves are being blamed.  WHY??? THEY DID NOTHING WRONG.  Yes this is a terrible tragedy but it is not the facilities or the animals that were in the wrong.  Is anyone to blame?  Yes and no.  Accidents happen all of the time.  The parents took their eyes off of the kids for just a second and whammo.  Does that mean the park/zoo or animals are at fault?  NO!

AS for the shootings?  Seriously?  Does it matter if it was a homophobe with religious undertones or just a plain homophobe?  Whether he blames Isis, or some other terror organization, he still targeted a gay nightclub.  That makes him a homophobe.  ASSHOLE!!!  All of these political pundants are fighting over terminology that just does not matter.  SHUT THE HELL UP.  It is still some mentally deranged person killing others for their own reasons.  Terminology does not matter.  How you respond to this does.  How are you working to stopping this from happening again?  That is what matters.  His rationale?  WHO CARES?!?!?!?

There are those that blame the guns.  I am one of them.  Am I saying all guns are bad, yes I am.  NOW before you get your panties in a bunch please keep reading.  Guns are specifically designed to kill.  The guns in question are doing EXACTLY what they are supposed to do.  Do I think all guns should be banned?  HELL NO!  When the second amendment was written it was all about muskets and little balls of lead.  The Founding Fathers did not have the problem we do today with the amount of school et al mass shootings.  I think there should be limits on guns.  There need to be more limitations on WHO is able to get a gun.  There needs to be a limit on the number of rounds that can be fired.  There needs to be stiffer penalties for manufacturers and dealers who break the rules.  I think guns are essential to who we are as a people.  We need to be able to protect ourselves if we need to. For those hunters out there, you need to be able to hunt. 

ALL of that being said, why as a species are we so damn awful?  We killed a gorilla for doing nothing more than playing with someone who came into his home without permission.  Would we legally do that to another human?  HELL NO!  We are horrific to our planet, animals and to others.  When will we ever learn?  When will we be kind to not only ourselves, but to others, other species and our world?

Off the box.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

79 Days Until Dragon Con

Ugg!!!! Being sick sucks.  I got home from work today and took a nap.  RAH!  However, I needed to go to Weight Watchers.  I decided I would just go and weigh in and get dinner on the way back home.  I was up 1.8 lbs.  GRRRR Not really surprising though considering I have done NO physical activity since I broke my toe.  I am ok on walking now.  It is still sore but it is managable.  However I take 5 steps and I wheeze then cough.  Not fun. 

Monday, June 13, 2016

80 Days Until Dragon Con

Registration Line
When I was in California, I discovered Dragon Con.  I found that there were other people like me.  Chubby nerds.  IT WAS OK to be an out and chubby nerd.....OMG this was the first time in my life that I felt like I truly fit in somewhere.  I did not need to keep it hidden any more.  I have been back every year since.  YAY.  When I was packing to leave Cali, I decided to quit the extreme diet.  My weight immediately went back up and then some.  I decided to try Weight Watchers.  I did it for the last few months in Cali and did not really like the group so I half-assed the plan.  Not terribly successful buuuuttt I was not gaining any either.
This first year at con was a changing point in my life.  I am going to overcome this struggle.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

81 Days Until Dragon Con

UGGGG I have a cold.  if it is not one thing it is another.  Tomorrow my friends and I have decided to give up smoke breaks (I dont smoke, I just take breaks) and go walking instead.  I hope I will be okay with the toe issue.  I might be slow but at least I will be moving.  We shall see.  In high school when my allergies were hell, I used to tie a roll of toilet paper around my neck.  I think I might do that tomorrow for our walks.  Summer colds are terrible.  I am glad that all of these issues are happening now and not right before con.  WOOT things are going to be awesome!

82 Days Until Dragon COn

A little more history.

10 years ago, I moved again.  This time to California where is was cloudy, foggy or rainy every day.  There were hills everywhere that made casual walking unpleasant.  Biking and rollerblading downright icky.  I knew no one, so I hid in the house.  I was away from my family and the things I knew.  I was lost.  I was in a serious downward spiral.  I would drop my husband off at Bart (the subway) in the morning and then go to the donut store on the way home.  I would get my 2 donuts and go home get back in bed and not get out until it was time to go pick him up again.  This went on for several months.  Needless to say my weight BALLOONED to the highest it has ever been.

I started to get to get better and got a new job.  I  hired a personal trainer and lost a lot of weight.  YAY.  A year later, I got another new job and it was stressfull and totally depressing.  I stayed there for 5 years.  Why?  Because it paid REALLY well and I knew I was going to be leaving California as soon as enough money was saved to buy a house.  During these 5 years the weight went up and down.  I tried all sorts of crazy diets and even went to one of those weight loss clinics where you could only eat the food that they provided and 1 lean meal a day. The food was terrible.  I ate 1 cinnamon granola bar 4x a day and then a cheese and onion omelette every day for over 2 years.  I was MISERABLE.  BUUUUTTTT I did loose 60 lbs.  YAY That was great, right?

Friday, June 10, 2016

83 Days Until Dragon Con

Date: June 10, 2016
Time: 11:30 pm
Water: 45 oz
Activities:None...I broke my toe
Steps: 19590

This evening I am out of town visiting family so I do not have a lot of time.  More tomorrow!

84 Days Until Con

When I was 18 I moved to a new town.  I had already put on my freshman 10 plus some and then life changed.  No one knew me.  I was always out doing things.  No more were there the people from my childhood mocking me, I was free.  I joined in all sorts of activities drank too much and had a good time.  I lost almost 100 pounds.  I could make a box of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese last for 3 meals with no butter and no milk since I could not afford them.  YAY!!!  Then I moved back home.  Mom's home delicious home cooking caused the weight to creep back up.  I have been struggling since then.  UGGG.  I was doing ok.  Not great but ok.  While I was happy in Texas, I was a reasonable weight.  So much in fact that people thought I was too thin.  WOOOOOOTTTTT!  I loved being this weight....yess I lost my boobs but I will take that if my belly goes away too.

Me and Chessie in a Medium Size T-Shirt 

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

85 Days Until Dragon Con

Last night I tripped and broke my toe.  RAH!!!! Well this derails my walking habit on Wednesday with my gals Cindy and Julie.  Every Wednesday my WW buddies Julie and Cindy and I get together to go walking.  It is about 2.5 miles and we chit chat while we do it.  The walk does not seem like exercise this way and I like having fun with my buds.  I am so sorry I cannot make it tonight.  Next week for sure.  UGGGG This stinks.  I will no longer be getting alot of steps in.  GRRR.  Ah Well.

Tonight I had a NSV (Non Scale Victory).  One I was not even looking forward to.  Usually I wear pretty bulky shirts that help to disguise my jelly roll (LLOOLL).  By random happenstance I tucked my shirt into my jeans.  OMG!!! Know what I saw for the first time in a long time?  NOTHING!!!!! There was no jelly in my jelly roll.  It was missing.  I could see my toes without seeing any chub.  HOLY SHIT THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am not saying there is no chub, just a lot less from the last time I checked.  WOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  NSV for Me...NSV for MEEE!

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

86 Days Until Dragon Con

Many years ago at my Weight Watchers meeting there was a discussion about Anchors.  In this realm an anchor is something that keeps you grounded, reminds you why you are doing this and to help give encouragement when things are not going well.  One of my anchors is a plain piece of ribbon.  I cut it off of a spool and wrapped it around the largest part of me, my hips.  I tied a bow and went on.  I did this several years ago.  I still have that ribbon and when I am low, I get that ribbon out and wrap it around my hips and look at all the progress I have made.  There are inches of extra ribbon where it was tight before.  This is something I have to do at home.
The Whole Key Chain
Weight Loss Charms
Attendance Charms
Another anchor I have is a key chain that Weight Watchers gave me when I signed up.  I have this one hanging off of my pen cup at work.  Weight Watchers gives you additional charms for key accomplishments.  Many of the accomplishments are attendance based.  I continue to go no matter how I am doing on the scale.  There are a few charms they give you that are scale based.  Those are of course are the ones I am most proud of.  There are also activity charms.  These are something you get when you do some new difficult activity.  I have two of them and am very proud of those also.  I hope to get more of these charms the lighter I become.  When I want to grab the M&M's jar at work I look at my key chain and remember why I am NOT going to hit up that jar.  Some days are a bigger struggle than others.  Still, having these two reminders helps me keep focused and ready for the next challenge.  

Monday, June 6, 2016

87 Days Until Dragon Con

I thought I should take some time to discuss goals.  What are my goals (beyond the obvious)?  I want to be able to feel comfortable cosplaying at DragonCon.  I believe anyone of any size can cosplay.  That is a personal desire and choice.  I am just a coward.  I can not bring myself to cosplay a character that I do not have some physical resemblance to.  How many fluffy ladies are there in fandom?  Not all that many.  So what do I do?  NOTHING.  I go in regular street clothes.  Next year I would love to do something.  I would love to feel comfortable making an ABC (Anything But Clothes) costume.  I just fear my jiggly bits being seen.  LOL There are plenty of people my size doing all sorts of cosplays.  For those who do, I am so excited. I am always happy to see you and am also so envious. You are so BRAVE!!! You are not afraid to show your fandom no matter what your body type.  GOOD FOR YOU!!! YOU ROCK!!!!  For me, I am terrified.  What if someone laughs?  What if someone makes snide comments?  I would be devastated.  I know there are not many con-goers that would say anything negative.  However, there are other people that share the hotels with us that are not con-goers.  From my experiences many of those folks have been alot of Dude-Bro assholes.  I do not want to incite some negativity in my direction so I cower from it.

At the end of all of this I do not expect to be rail thin.  I do want to be able to hide some of my jiggly bits in Spanx and go on.  In terms of numbers I can give you a zillion different numbers I want to see.  Some immediate some for con,. like the 25 lbs. and some for long term.  What I have learned on this journey so far is that success is not all about the numbers.  Sometimes it is alllll about the non scale victories or NSV's.  Those are more tangible.  For example, I have a pair of shorts that I can fit into but are not terribly comfy.  They certainly would not be manageable walking around the con.  I have a non scale goal of comfortably fitting into those shorts for con.  I think that is a reasonable goal, not too long in the future and not too hard to accomplish.  Wish me luck.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

88 Days Until Dragon Con

Wow the more I look back, the more I remember my stint into the depths of hell...puberty.  When I hit puberty not only did my weight balloon, my self esteem fell.  Acne set in and so did the bad hair.  UGGG  Remember spiral perms?  I so did not have the bone structure for that.  My teenage years were a nightmare.  I was a giant mess of hormones and depression.  The more depressed and unhappy I was, the less I went out to were I could be seen by others and therefore be made fun of.  The less I went outside, the less activity I got.  The less activity I got the heavier I became.  The heavier I became the more depressed and unhappy I became.  See the cycle?  It is not new.   I am sure many others have been in this cycle and still are.  Some people turn to drugs or alcohol to help numb the unhappiness.  I turned to food.  I love food.  Is that why I eat?  I do not think so.  I love to keep my mouth and hands busy.  If it is not gum or suckers, it is sunflower seeds.  I can do small individual candies too- M&M's Skittles, and the like.  Anything that causes my hands to interact with my mouth is like a baseball player with a baseball in hand.  Kind of like things just fit perfectly.  It feels good.
These pictures are one school year apart...8th and 9th grades.  Which one was I older and which was I younger?  I will give you a clue, puberty was about to set in for one of them.  The other was the following year.  YIKES!!! I look like a crazy old lady with road rage issues.  I remembered looking like poo but wowie!

Saturday, June 4, 2016

89 Days Until Dragon Con

Julie and I as kids.
I have ALWAYS struggled.  I have often thought about what is my 'problem'.  Is it food?  Is it laziness?  I do not think it is just one thing or another, I think it is many things.  When I was young, my best friend was a twig.  She ate more than I did and was so slender.  I was always at her side and so naturally I was chubby compared to her.  Apart, I was not chubby at all.  I often got teased for my weight and many other things.  I think in a way I was programmed to focus on my weight.  This did not happen overnight.  The focus started early and it took decades to become a daily thought.  How long have you focused on your weight?  It does not matter if you are thin or overweight, How long have you thought about it?  Every day, I think about my weight every day of my life.  Crazy and a little deep, right?  I agree.  Who knows.  Maybe this blog will help my thinking change. LOLOLOL NOT.
ahhh puberty.

Friday, June 3, 2016

90 Days of Dragon Con

Con season is HERE!!!!  Yay.  Last year I did 50 days of Dragon Con where I had all sorts of stories about things I have seen or done at DragonCon over the years.  This year I have decided to discuss fitness.  Or, in my case the lack there of.  RAH.   I am overweight.  This is not something I normally acknowledge let alone share with anyone.  It is not like you cannot tell by looking at me that I am fluffy.  To the world at large, I am fat.  It does not matter what my weight is, it matters what I look like.  I do not look like your typical model or movie star.   In the eyes of the American Society, that is what makes me fat.  In my mind I am fine.  It is my imagination, I know but it is my safety net when the world gets me down.  I have a fantastic fantasy life and in that life my body is always perfect.  Reality is unfortunately nothing like that.  I have been chubby to downright fat for my entire life.  I have ALWAYS struggled.

I have decided to do something MAJOR about it.  I am putting my struggles on BLAST.  Every week   Once a week I will weigh in and let you know how I did and any struggles I have had.  Hopefully this will help keep me accountable.  In the end I hope to lose 25 lbs by Con.  That is 13 weeks away.  I will need to loose 1.92 pounds per week to meet my goal.  Here is to hoping!

Date: 6-3
Time:5:05 pm
Activities: none
Steps: 3,151
Amount to lose until goal 25 lbs 

Not a flattering is ok...I need to do this.