Sunday, June 26, 2016

68 Days Until Dragon Con

My family came to visit.  My diet plan went out of the window.  CRUD.  I did manage to hold myself to only two pieces of pizza though.  YAY for me.  Then I had pie.  =/

Big Brother season 18 has started up again and there is lots of drama.  I love Big Brother in all of it's drama and the oh so many train wrecks.  Anyone remember April and Ollie?  I wonder if they are still dating.  LOLOLOL  I honestly wonder how people are so stupid and do not realize that they are being filmed 24-7?  We have already had one showmance that has broken up and two more are in the works.  DURRH!  I will do more on that when we get to the first eviction.  Stillll UGG!

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