Thursday, June 16, 2016

77 Days Until Dragon Con


I have always had to travel to Dragon Con.  In the beginning it was from San Francisco.  Now it is from Denver.  Either way, it is a long flight.  There is a lot you are limited to when you fly.  First, unless you want to pay extra, and depending on the airline, you are limited to one carry on bag and a purse.  I go for a week.  Do you know how hard it is for me to pack regular clothes for a week in one suitcase and a purse?  UGGG!  Then, HEAVEN FORBID I buy anything. The trouble of shipping it home is a total mess.  One year I decided to ship my dirty laundry home via Fedex.  That way all of the delicate things I bought would be safe in my suitcase.  To ship Fedex regular-not overnight or something-was over $40.00.  WTH?  AHHHHHHHH!

How do you take costume supplies and how do you bring stuff back home?  It is a gigantic mystery to me how so many people can do it.  I can take one or two smallish costumes and that is it.  I have had to be pretty sparing on what I take so I have room to bring things home.  One year it was 18 tee shirts.  YAY!  This takes up a lot of room in one small carry on suitcase and a purse.  If you want to pay the $50.00 extra per bag per leg of the trip you can do checked bags.  Prices do vary and some are dependent on size and weight.  Money grubbing airlines!

Depending on the airline, the seats are so doggone narrow, there is no way to not infringe on the person next to you.  Then, you have to deal with the ugly stares you get from the people passing by hoping they do not have to sit next to you.  It is miserable.  Don't get me started on the seatbelts.  They do not always fit.  I swear some of them would not fit around kids.  So you have to go through the staff and say, hey I am fat, do you have a seatbelt extender?  They make airplanes embarrassing enough without drawing attention to ones self.  NO THANKS!  I just tucked the ends of the belt under my shirt so they thought I was strapped in.  Some airplane seats are so small that the average person spills out of them.  What are chubby people supposed to do?  TOTALLY UNCOOL AIRLINES!!!

THEN I found one of the most AMAZING websites EVERRRRRRR! Seat Guru.  This website actually helps you to find the different seats you might want.  They identify longer leg room, armrests that do not go up, and seat widths.  WOO HOO CHECK IT OUT!

On a trip From NYC to San Fran, Virgin offered a first class upgrade for $100.00.  It was the best and worst decision of my life.  I did it.  Since then I am spoiled.  When it is a long flight, I wait until the fares for first class come down until they are barely over the original price of the main cabin.  This year I am spending less than $200.00 more for roundtrip first class vs what I would have spent last fall for coach.  ANNNND I get 1 free checked bag.  WOOT!  I do not have to worry about seat belts, people looking at me funny because I am chubby, not fitting into the seat at all, or if I can get my stuff in the one small suitcase.  First class is totally worth the extra $200.00.  I recommend it.

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