Thursday, June 16, 2016

78 Days Until Dragon Con

Soap box time.
I have a box.  Many might refer to it as a soap box.  The box is of my own making and I try desperately to not bring it out in public.  Unfortunately, here, today, it is getting brought out.  WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE????
Shooting up nightclubs?  Losing your kid and killing a Gorilla?  WTF?  A kid is 'snatched' by an alligator?  I cannot imaging the immesurable pain these families are going through.  My heart goes out to all of those who remain.  To those who have to pick up the pieces.  Tho those who have in someway been impacted by these tragedies. I cannot imagine your pain and to be brutally honest, I do not want to try to imagine it.

STILL, WTF?  Why are we doing this to ourselves?  Yes, I say ourselves.  The gorilla was in no way behaving out of character for a gorilla.  What was the kid doing in a place where he could get captured by the gorilla to begin with?  The alligator, it probably thought the kid was something to nibble.  If you go near the water, home to many alligators, do you really expect the alligator to not come take a nibble?  It is like asking the fat kid in school to not eat the unwrapped tweenkie that you left on his lunch tray in front of him.  Would he have asked you for your tweenkie?  Probably not, but if you open it and put it in front of him, what is a fat kid to do? 

In both of these incidents, the location of the animals and the animals themselves are being blamed.  WHY??? THEY DID NOTHING WRONG.  Yes this is a terrible tragedy but it is not the facilities or the animals that were in the wrong.  Is anyone to blame?  Yes and no.  Accidents happen all of the time.  The parents took their eyes off of the kids for just a second and whammo.  Does that mean the park/zoo or animals are at fault?  NO!

AS for the shootings?  Seriously?  Does it matter if it was a homophobe with religious undertones or just a plain homophobe?  Whether he blames Isis, or some other terror organization, he still targeted a gay nightclub.  That makes him a homophobe.  ASSHOLE!!!  All of these political pundants are fighting over terminology that just does not matter.  SHUT THE HELL UP.  It is still some mentally deranged person killing others for their own reasons.  Terminology does not matter.  How you respond to this does.  How are you working to stopping this from happening again?  That is what matters.  His rationale?  WHO CARES?!?!?!?

There are those that blame the guns.  I am one of them.  Am I saying all guns are bad, yes I am.  NOW before you get your panties in a bunch please keep reading.  Guns are specifically designed to kill.  The guns in question are doing EXACTLY what they are supposed to do.  Do I think all guns should be banned?  HELL NO!  When the second amendment was written it was all about muskets and little balls of lead.  The Founding Fathers did not have the problem we do today with the amount of school et al mass shootings.  I think there should be limits on guns.  There need to be more limitations on WHO is able to get a gun.  There needs to be a limit on the number of rounds that can be fired.  There needs to be stiffer penalties for manufacturers and dealers who break the rules.  I think guns are essential to who we are as a people.  We need to be able to protect ourselves if we need to. For those hunters out there, you need to be able to hunt. 

ALL of that being said, why as a species are we so damn awful?  We killed a gorilla for doing nothing more than playing with someone who came into his home without permission.  Would we legally do that to another human?  HELL NO!  We are horrific to our planet, animals and to others.  When will we ever learn?  When will we be kind to not only ourselves, but to others, other species and our world?

Off the box.

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