Wednesday, June 8, 2016

85 Days Until Dragon Con

Last night I tripped and broke my toe.  RAH!!!! Well this derails my walking habit on Wednesday with my gals Cindy and Julie.  Every Wednesday my WW buddies Julie and Cindy and I get together to go walking.  It is about 2.5 miles and we chit chat while we do it.  The walk does not seem like exercise this way and I like having fun with my buds.  I am so sorry I cannot make it tonight.  Next week for sure.  UGGGG This stinks.  I will no longer be getting alot of steps in.  GRRR.  Ah Well.

Tonight I had a NSV (Non Scale Victory).  One I was not even looking forward to.  Usually I wear pretty bulky shirts that help to disguise my jelly roll (LLOOLL).  By random happenstance I tucked my shirt into my jeans.  OMG!!! Know what I saw for the first time in a long time?  NOTHING!!!!! There was no jelly in my jelly roll.  It was missing.  I could see my toes without seeing any chub.  HOLY SHIT THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am not saying there is no chub, just a lot less from the last time I checked.  WOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  NSV for Me...NSV for MEEE!

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