Tuesday, June 7, 2016

86 Days Until Dragon Con

Many years ago at my Weight Watchers meeting there was a discussion about Anchors.  In this realm an anchor is something that keeps you grounded, reminds you why you are doing this and to help give encouragement when things are not going well.  One of my anchors is a plain piece of ribbon.  I cut it off of a spool and wrapped it around the largest part of me, my hips.  I tied a bow and went on.  I did this several years ago.  I still have that ribbon and when I am low, I get that ribbon out and wrap it around my hips and look at all the progress I have made.  There are inches of extra ribbon where it was tight before.  This is something I have to do at home.
The Whole Key Chain
Weight Loss Charms
Attendance Charms
Another anchor I have is a key chain that Weight Watchers gave me when I signed up.  I have this one hanging off of my pen cup at work.  Weight Watchers gives you additional charms for key accomplishments.  Many of the accomplishments are attendance based.  I continue to go no matter how I am doing on the scale.  There are a few charms they give you that are scale based.  Those are of course are the ones I am most proud of.  There are also activity charms.  These are something you get when you do some new difficult activity.  I have two of them and am very proud of those also.  I hope to get more of these charms the lighter I become.  When I want to grab the M&M's jar at work I look at my key chain and remember why I am NOT going to hit up that jar.  Some days are a bigger struggle than others.  Still, having these two reminders helps me keep focused and ready for the next challenge.  

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