Monday, June 6, 2016

87 Days Until Dragon Con

I thought I should take some time to discuss goals.  What are my goals (beyond the obvious)?  I want to be able to feel comfortable cosplaying at DragonCon.  I believe anyone of any size can cosplay.  That is a personal desire and choice.  I am just a coward.  I can not bring myself to cosplay a character that I do not have some physical resemblance to.  How many fluffy ladies are there in fandom?  Not all that many.  So what do I do?  NOTHING.  I go in regular street clothes.  Next year I would love to do something.  I would love to feel comfortable making an ABC (Anything But Clothes) costume.  I just fear my jiggly bits being seen.  LOL There are plenty of people my size doing all sorts of cosplays.  For those who do, I am so excited. I am always happy to see you and am also so envious. You are so BRAVE!!! You are not afraid to show your fandom no matter what your body type.  GOOD FOR YOU!!! YOU ROCK!!!!  For me, I am terrified.  What if someone laughs?  What if someone makes snide comments?  I would be devastated.  I know there are not many con-goers that would say anything negative.  However, there are other people that share the hotels with us that are not con-goers.  From my experiences many of those folks have been alot of Dude-Bro assholes.  I do not want to incite some negativity in my direction so I cower from it.

At the end of all of this I do not expect to be rail thin.  I do want to be able to hide some of my jiggly bits in Spanx and go on.  In terms of numbers I can give you a zillion different numbers I want to see.  Some immediate some for con,. like the 25 lbs. and some for long term.  What I have learned on this journey so far is that success is not all about the numbers.  Sometimes it is alllll about the non scale victories or NSV's.  Those are more tangible.  For example, I have a pair of shorts that I can fit into but are not terribly comfy.  They certainly would not be manageable walking around the con.  I have a non scale goal of comfortably fitting into those shorts for con.  I think that is a reasonable goal, not too long in the future and not too hard to accomplish.  Wish me luck.

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