Sunday, June 5, 2016

88 Days Until Dragon Con

Wow the more I look back, the more I remember my stint into the depths of hell...puberty.  When I hit puberty not only did my weight balloon, my self esteem fell.  Acne set in and so did the bad hair.  UGGG  Remember spiral perms?  I so did not have the bone structure for that.  My teenage years were a nightmare.  I was a giant mess of hormones and depression.  The more depressed and unhappy I was, the less I went out to were I could be seen by others and therefore be made fun of.  The less I went outside, the less activity I got.  The less activity I got the heavier I became.  The heavier I became the more depressed and unhappy I became.  See the cycle?  It is not new.   I am sure many others have been in this cycle and still are.  Some people turn to drugs or alcohol to help numb the unhappiness.  I turned to food.  I love food.  Is that why I eat?  I do not think so.  I love to keep my mouth and hands busy.  If it is not gum or suckers, it is sunflower seeds.  I can do small individual candies too- M&M's Skittles, and the like.  Anything that causes my hands to interact with my mouth is like a baseball player with a baseball in hand.  Kind of like things just fit perfectly.  It feels good.
These pictures are one school year apart...8th and 9th grades.  Which one was I older and which was I younger?  I will give you a clue, puberty was about to set in for one of them.  The other was the following year.  YIKES!!! I look like a crazy old lady with road rage issues.  I remembered looking like poo but wowie!

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