Saturday, June 4, 2016

89 Days Until Dragon Con

Julie and I as kids.
I have ALWAYS struggled.  I have often thought about what is my 'problem'.  Is it food?  Is it laziness?  I do not think it is just one thing or another, I think it is many things.  When I was young, my best friend was a twig.  She ate more than I did and was so slender.  I was always at her side and so naturally I was chubby compared to her.  Apart, I was not chubby at all.  I often got teased for my weight and many other things.  I think in a way I was programmed to focus on my weight.  This did not happen overnight.  The focus started early and it took decades to become a daily thought.  How long have you focused on your weight?  It does not matter if you are thin or overweight, How long have you thought about it?  Every day, I think about my weight every day of my life.  Crazy and a little deep, right?  I agree.  Who knows.  Maybe this blog will help my thinking change. LOLOLOL NOT.
ahhh puberty.

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