Friday, June 3, 2016

90 Days of Dragon Con

Con season is HERE!!!!  Yay.  Last year I did 50 days of Dragon Con where I had all sorts of stories about things I have seen or done at DragonCon over the years.  This year I have decided to discuss fitness.  Or, in my case the lack there of.  RAH.   I am overweight.  This is not something I normally acknowledge let alone share with anyone.  It is not like you cannot tell by looking at me that I am fluffy.  To the world at large, I am fat.  It does not matter what my weight is, it matters what I look like.  I do not look like your typical model or movie star.   In the eyes of the American Society, that is what makes me fat.  In my mind I am fine.  It is my imagination, I know but it is my safety net when the world gets me down.  I have a fantastic fantasy life and in that life my body is always perfect.  Reality is unfortunately nothing like that.  I have been chubby to downright fat for my entire life.  I have ALWAYS struggled.

I have decided to do something MAJOR about it.  I am putting my struggles on BLAST.  Every week   Once a week I will weigh in and let you know how I did and any struggles I have had.  Hopefully this will help keep me accountable.  In the end I hope to lose 25 lbs by Con.  That is 13 weeks away.  I will need to loose 1.92 pounds per week to meet my goal.  Here is to hoping!

Date: 6-3
Time:5:05 pm
Activities: none
Steps: 3,151
Amount to lose until goal 25 lbs 

Not a flattering is ok...I need to do this.

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